Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Fantasy - Iceland Investigation Part 6

Previously posted on April 20, 2007

Mr. Butterfly was in his tent reading by his flashlight when he thought he heard a voice outside. He listened more carefully and the tent flap opened and it was Volchuk.

“Mr. Butterfly. May I come in please?”


“So. Did you like what you saw at the hot spring today?” Volchuk said with an evil wink.

Ah, now it all made sense. So this how the wolf cub hooks up and why he summers here in Iceland with all the hot springs. He gets to advertise his brc and then has his pick of victims. Very clever. And it was going to work this time as well.

“You know I did.”

“Would you like a closer look?”

“Get your hot ass over here wolf cub.”

Volchuk giggled and scooted into the tent next to the young explorer. Volchuk was only wearing loose shorts and the explorer didn’t hesitate to reach into them and haul out the monster hard on of all time. The elastic waist band was loosened by untying a cord and Volchuk had those shorts off in no time. Mr. Butterfly had never seen one this big. It was bigger than his flashlight. Volchuk grinned with pride. Mr. Butterfly used both his hands to hold Volchuk’s magnificent member. He raised it to his lips and tentatively stuck his tongue into the piss slit. Volchuk took it away from him and smacked the explorer in the face with it. Then Volchuk laughed.

“Quit playing around and get down to it!” Volchuk ordered. “Eat my fucking log!”

Mr. Butterfly opened as wide as he could to swallow Volchuk’s enormous erect penis. Even with it halfway down his throat, Volchuk’s curly light brown pubes were far from his nose. The young explorer had long ago conquered his gag response, but he was only human after all and did need to breathe. But, Volchuk was enjoying the rare quality of this particular blow job. Mr. Butterfly continued to slobber up one side and down the other, all over Volchuk’s swollen penis, worshipping every thick inch of it.

After a while, Volchuk said, “I would like to fuck you with my huge cock. Is this okay with you?”

“I am worried that Sue and Pavel will hear because if you stick that thing in me I am definitely going to make some noise.”

“Dr. Fairview will hear nothing. Dr. Sidorov made his way to her tent some time ago and is still there.”

“How do you know this?”

“Volchuk knows many things. But we must let them have their secrets. Dr. Sidorov’s privacy is very important to his ego and feeling of authority. He cannot function as an individual without it.”

“My god, Volchuk. That is so insightful; there is more to you than just a brc.”


“Never mind.”

“So then, we will have sex?”

“Da.” replied Mr. Butterfly with a straight face.

Volchuk smiled. He reached into his own shorts and out of a small secret pocket voila, he had brought his own magnum condoms. Mr. Butterfly dug up the lube from his possessions. There was no way this was not going to hurt, but then, wow was it going to feel great!

Volchuk eased the condom on the length of his penis and then squirted some extra lube also. Mr. Butterfly was already on all fours in front of him, so he also lubed up the pucker in front of him. Then he mounted Mr. Butterfly and gently began easing his erection into the explorer’s ass. The explorer jumped a bit when the head entered the ass ring, but as it was eased in, inch by inch with each thrust, there was little resistance until about 7 inches was in. Then the going was a bit tougher and noisier. Mr. Butterfly began to grunt and groan with each thrust as he could feel the burning pain, followed by pleasure. Finally, the entire length of Volchuk’s organ was inside the young explorer and the real fucking began.

Mr. Butterfly was delirious with pleasure. His eyes were rolled up in his head and he felt he would pass out from the combination of pleasure and pain.

Volchuk was relentless in his fucking. He would pull his cock out almost all the way, then plunge it back in all at once. Young and strong, he kept at it, nonstop for the better part of a half an hour. This had to be the best piece of ass he had had in ages. What a beauty too. Volchuk gave him a few hard slaps on the ass, just to keep him alert. They had been at it a good long time and Volchuk was getting close. He grunted a little as the time neared and his nuts pulled a bit closer to his dick. His creamy spunk sprayed inside the condom way up the explorer’s ass.

The explorer felt this and quickly jacked himself off. Volchuk gingerly pulled out so as not to disturb the condom or hurt his now sensitive cock. Both men collapsed, exhausted on the floor of the tent to catch their breath. Outside they could hear people in the hot spring. It was Sue and Pavel. They both had to stifle a giggle as they peeked out of the tent. They felt kind of like naughty little boys spying on mommy and daddy. They withdrew back into the tent to wait for Sue and Pavel to go.

Volchuk and Mr. Butterfly lay back on the sleeping bag together and looked into each other’s eyes. They were both completely naked. Volchuk reached over to Mr. Butterfly and stroked his arm. They embraced and then began to kiss.

Volchuk said, “Sometimes I am afraid and alone, but now you are here and I am not either afraid or alone.”

“You surprise me Volchuk. Even if I weren’t here, you would not be alone and have no reason to be afraid. But I am flattered that my presence makes you feel more comfortable.” Then Mr. Butterfly tilted his head and smiled in an understanding way at Volchuk. They hugged again more tightly. By then Sue and Pavel were out of sight and they could use the hot spring to clean up.


thonnibg said...

Oh girl,you made me sweat!

Doug said...

"Eat my fucking log!" My favorite line of the day! That Volchuk is very direct.

dibern said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm...gotta love a BRC!

Anonymous said...

Volchuk sounds like a keeper...