Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stag Homme Is Coming Oct. 8th

Press Release:

Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse have started their own Spanish-based adult production company scheduled to be up and running October 8th, 2008 at www.StagHomme.com. The multimedia-website will not only feature Damien and Francesco as performers every month, but will also feature never-before-seen studs from Madrid as well as other cities in Europe, United States and South America.

The XXX-features will contain unscripted, real, up-close and personal sex including hot and daring guerilla footage as well as more creative fantasy content. The site will release two XXX-features as well as one release of backstage and deleted footage monthly.

The studio is also bringing "reality tv" to their site with two episodes monthly of "StagTV", where Francesco and Damien take you along on their trouble-magnetic adventures across the globe, taking their site's members deeper into the porn world. And yes, you can expect to find plenty of sexual content within the episodes.

StagHomme.com will give you even a closer connection to porn stars with "Coffee with the Stars" (a filmed interview of world-renowned pornstars once a month) plus two monthly opportunities to chat live with Damien and Francesco as well as any other porn stars who might drop by.

The site will feature an online store where you not only can buy various autographed DVDs and porn paraphernalia, but also more perverse items like filthy jocks, stinky high tops and abused articles of clothing used on set.

Members will feel like true members in this interactive community where viewers can rate and comment on the various content being presented. Your feedback will allow the studio to bring you the kind of content you truly want to indulge in.

Here's the trailer of Stag Homme Studio's first official XXX-feature, "While the City Watches", as well as a taste of Stag TV:

Visit: Stag Homme


Francesco said...

Hello Sue,

I just posted on staghomme.com smaller videos embed that work better on blogger.
I dont know if you noticed that the video on you post are out of the frame because way too big.
Also I read your comment on Doug's blog and just wanted to let you know that if you signed up for my site you automatically are signed in for staghomme as well. Cool uh?

Big hug

F & D

Sue said...

Way cool! Thanks for the comment Francesco.

thonnibg said...

So signing up for one site and accessing two!Great,Francesco.

Anonymous said...

What an undertaking! The StagTV definitely seems especially up my alley with the behind the scenes action.