Friday, September 05, 2008

NEW Friday Fantasy - Kamchatka Assingment Part 2


Pete knew it had to happen sometime that I would travel again and he accepted it readily. It was a bit harder on me though, because I knew I would miss him terribly. We made love good and hard, just like I like it, the night before my departure. It was so that I wouldn’t forget him, Pete said. We were both adults and understood what that meant. In other words, I would try my best to be faithful, but I was after all, only human and so was he. It’s not like we were married. But all of this was unspoken of course. He gave me a beard burn kiss and a crushing hug and before I left for the Baltimore airport, almost breaking my ribs. God I was going to miss him so much.

I met Mr. Butterfly at the BWI airport and our Delta Boeing 757 departed on-time for the 15 hour, one stop at JFK, flight to Moscow. Thankfully I brought a long dirty book and read the whole way. Mr. Butterfly sat next to me watching gay porn on his laptop. I snuck a peek now and again, totally out of curiosity mind you.

Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport

When we arrived at the Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport and cleared customs, we were met by Pavel and Volchuk. We recognized them without a problem and hugged and kissed them both enthusiastically. We had some time to kill before we had to get to our next flight. They had brought along the rest of the team and introductions were made by Pavel, who was the scientific lead on this assignment as he was in Iceland.

Dr. Pavel Siderov

Dr. Volchuk Askinya (aka the "BRC")

Dr. Yuri Gasparov

“This tall sexy fellow over here is Dr. Yuri Gasparov. His specialty is Lepidoptera and he will be working with Mr. Butterfly. Don’t let the moniker fool you Yuri, Mr. Butterfly has a doctorate in Lepidoptera the same as you do, but you’ll find he’s just too big a flirt to stand on little formalities like proper salutations or even names.” We all laughed at Pavel’s little bon mot and Mr. Butterfly batted his eyelashes flirtatiously at Yuri.

Aleksei Alekseyev

“The body builder boy is Aleksei Alekseyev who is working on his Ph.D in geothermics and will be assisting Volchuk and myself. He is a nephew of the great super-heavyweight weightlifter Vasiliy Alekseyev.

Vasiliy Alekseyev

I’m not sure you are old enough to remember him he said as an aside to us Americans; he made 80 world records in the 1970’s.” I nodded that I remembered him, but Mr. Butterfly did not. “Aleksei is not quite ready for competition in his class or we would not be lucky enough to have him with us on this expedition.

Dr. Kirill Yavlinsky

“The sexy dude over there trying to look cool and detached is Dr. Kirill Yavlinsky. Kirill has a doctorate in Agriculture from Auburn in the United States with high yield farming as a specialty and is working on a new specialty in orchids. This is his first time in the field so be gentle with him Dr. Fairview.” Everybody laughed, including me, but Kirill looked a bit offended by the overly familiar tone of the introductions. But I thought that he would get over it was t

ime went by.

“And of course this is Dr. Sue Fairview whose specialty is orchids. You shall all get to know her quite well over time I am sure.”

My goodness, I thought to myself, this looked like an orgy in the making! Mr. Butterfly looked as though he was in heaven, glancing at all of the male handsomeness he was surrounded by. We all shook hands and exchanged hellos and pleasantries as we took the bus to the domestic terminal to get to our next Aeroflot connection.

Domestic Terminal at Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport

We then boarded our 9 hour Aeroflot flight on a Tupolev 154M to Petropavlovsk, the main city on Kamchatka. Pavel sat next to me, he was anxious to catch up, I guess.

Our Tupolev 154M on the tarmac at Sheremetyevo

He looked into my eyes and said “So how are you Dr. Fairview?” He was every bit as strikingly handsome as I remembered.

“I am well Dr. Siderov and looking forward to this project. I must say, with all of these gorgeous men around it is too bad that I have a boyfriend back home that I am being faithful to. Wouldn’t you say?” Then I gave him a big toothy smile and took his hand into mine.

“Hmm. I see.” He settled his face into a concerned frown and squeezed my hand. “That is a shame. So tell me about this boyfriend.”

“His name is Pete and we met on my last trip to Ecuador where he was running security. We have been together ever since.”

“I see. I am happy for you then. Well then can we perhaps discuss the assignment logistics a bit?”

“Sure.” So we did just that. The plan was to take a helicopter to the camp site from the Kamchatka airport after 9 hour flight. Once there, we would set up camp so we could work the next day.

Meanwhile, across from us Mr. Butterfly was getting to know Volchuk all over again. They were seated side by side and looking into each other’s eyes.

“I missed you so much,” confided Volchuk.

“I did too,” replied Mr. Butterfly. Then they leaned forward and kissed sweetly, quickly looking around to make sure nobody saw. “I can’t wait until we are alone together.”

“Me too. But you know, there are others of us on this trip, if you know what I mean.” Then Volchuk nodded knowingly. “Yuri and Aleksei also. Yuri is very outgoing and I’ve been with him.” Volchuk cleared his throat. “If you know what I mean.”

“Um, I do.”

“There is a lot of potential for this trip I think. We could have a lot of fun together, us four.” Then he winked.

“Us FOUR?”

“Da. Four.”

“Four at the same time???”



“Ah, it is a research trip, Mr. Butterfly,” and then Volchuk gave him a quick kiss on the lips and a meaningful look in the eyes.

Yuri and Aleksei sat next to each other and conversed easily in Russian. Kirill sat with a stranger and read up on orchids. At some point we all tried to get some sleep. After what seemed forever, the pilot announced that we were nearing our destination and would land. I could feel the plane begin to descend. Then we circled over the water for our approach into Petropavlovsk. The landing was precise and smooth.

Petropavlovsk Airport

We deplaned and our luggage was offloaded onto the tarmac. We dragged it over to a waiting helicopter where it was loaded for the ride to our campsite.

I love to ride on helicopters and the pilot was very friendly. The flight was only about an hour and we landed on a grassy slope. The view was spectacular the whole way. There were mountains, volcanoes, rivers, it was every bit as picturesque as Iceland but less developed. It took a bit of time to off load our gear from the chopper, even with the pilot helping. Then, the chopper lifted off, and we were alone with our supplies.

Pavel took charge as he did on the Iceland trip. He directed us to set up the three dome tents we had. That took about an hour because we broke into three teams to do it. They were pretty easy to erect and came with instructions which were in Cyrillic, so a Russian member of the team needed to read them.

Just when we had finished and were admiring our work, a tank approached our campsite.

Two Russian Army Guards arrived and wanted to see everyone’s visa and papers. After inspecting them, one said to Pavel in Russian “I need to take this woman with me to check her papers and a translator who speaks English please. The rest of you may continue with your research.” Mr. Butterfly was concerned that they only wanted me, a woman to go with them alone. But, Pavel offered to come with me and translate and thought it would be safe enough. I had never been in a tank, so I was excited to go. We were taken for a 30 minute drive which was a kick, and then shown into the small stone guard shack.

Once inside the bigger guard sat down and began to sort through my papers. He asked questions such as where I was born and that sort of thing. After a short time though, he stood and grabbed Pavel by the arm, and twisted it behind his back so that he could throw him into the cage. Pavel spoke very quickly in Russian protesting this treatment and asking why this was being done to him. No answer was offered. I was very nervous about this, and I assumed that it was Pavel in trouble.

Then the guard turned his attention to me. There was a huge leer on his face. His intent was at this point unmistakable. He began to unbutton his shirt and I yelled to Pavel “Tell him that this is a diplomatic mission and he will spoil relations with the United States of America if he touches me.” Pavel translated that. But the guard did not stop. “Tell him that I am a citizen of the USA and I would like to see a representative of my Embassy.” Pavel translated that with no result. Now I was truly frightened. This huge hulk of a man was coming towards me and there was nothing I could do. I said "Nyet!" as loudly and clearly as I could. The guard did not even flinch.

Pavel began to rage at the bars and scream at the guard in Russian. The guard just laughed as he backed me into the desk. There was literally nothing I could do. I was too small to fight him in any way that would achieve anything constructive except to injure me. He grabbed my face and stuck his tongue into my mouth. It was awful. He tasted of sausage and vodka and I almost threw up. He undid my belt and tore down my pants. He turned me so I was facing the desk and pushed me across it. I could hear his belt buckle open and fly come unzipped. He then shoved my shirt and sweater up so that he could paw my breasts. I could feel his huge erection pressing hot on my bare ass.

Pavel was screaming “Nyet!” and other things at the top of his lungs, but nyet was the only word I knew in Russian. I gripped the far edge of the desk in fear and to brace myself for his attack. It wasn’t long in coming. He grabbed my hips and thrust his rock hard cock into me in one go. It took my breath away it hurt so much. I tried really hard not to scream, but I did. He was just that big and it was just too fast. He then slapped my rear while he pounded away at me. I was grimacing with each stroke, but eventually it began to feel better as my pussy began to lubricate itself. With shame, it began to turn me on. I know that this is one of the things that happen in rape cases; the victim gets turned on and is ashamed of it. Well, there I was getting turned on. He was big and it was hot. What can I say? Excuse me for being human. I began to moan.

The guard turned to Pavel and said something in Russian and Pavel spat at him. I wonder what he said. The next thing I knew, I was climaxing and my spasming brought the guard too. He came with a deep throaty groan. Thank god he was wearing a condom. When he was done with me, he just pushed me roughly to the side so that I fell off the desk and onto the floor, yanked up his pants and turned to let Pavel out of the cage. Pavel rushed to my side to see if I was okay.

I was shaking and Pavel helped me get my pants pulled up and my shirt tucked in again. When we looked up, the guard that raped me was gone. The other guard had taken his place and offered to drive us back to camp.

Photo sources:

Dr. Pavel Siderov: GregoryNYC

Dr. Vochuck Askinya: Completely Naked

Dr. Yuri Gasparov, Alexei Alexeyev, Pete, Russian Guard: Brawny Stud

Dr. Kirill Yavlinsky: Unknown


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Sue said...

Glad you liked it Toni! When I wrote it I was thinking of you. Hehehe.

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Very exciting! And I have to keep this picture of Dr. Yuri in my mind for his upcoming adventures.

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