Friday, February 06, 2009

Review of StagHomme's Cachondo

From StagHomme:

“Cachondo” is a flick about a horny exhibitionist (Francesco D’Macho) who loves to call in deliveries and answer the door with raging hard-ons while using straight porn as a means to seduce delivery men. This time he answers the door in a towel to a straight pizza delivery guy (Aitor Crash). Francesco excuses himself for his indecent state.. He was just watching a good porn movie with a really hot blonde girl. Aitor sympathizes with him as he takes a look at the flick. You got the guts to make a move on a straight guy? What’s the worse that can happen?

Another top notch film from StagHomme Studios. Damien and Francesco are proving themselves to be a force in the industry, turning out one winner after another in rapid succession no less. This one was so hot, I was mesmerized to the point where I could not keep my hands off of myself. At this point, they have a library of intensly hot films in stock so that viewers have multiple choices when they want to watch porn. And further, it is not an easy decision!

It really takes one who is personally turned on by Francesco D'Macho to know how to film him to perfection. I can tell that Damien Crosse is that person, as the camera panned lovingly over the colorful dragon tattoo on Francesco's shoulder. What a unique view of this well known star. The rest of the filming was perfect as we have come to expect from StagHomme.

Aitor Crash brings a certain machismo to his role that makes him larger than life and very much a turn on. I could have watched him slap around and fuck Francesco all day. I loved it when he put Francesco up on the table for better access. Also, I loved Damien's shot of Aitor's furry chest; so perfect and gorgeous! It would be great to see Francesco with Ricky Sinz, who also has this same sort of machismo.

Francesco was divine in this film. I would rather see him fucking than being fucked, but he is living his own fantasy here of seducing a straight boy and doing a great job of it. He looks up at Aitor with those big blue innocent "who me?" eyes and I am lost. I don't know about Aitor. I could tell by his prodigious cumshot that he had a great time!

Finally, Spain is the new locale for porn. I am really enjoying the new infusion of Spanish culture and language into StagHomme's porn. But, I really wish I had studied it in school. I love the views of Madrid and enough cannot be said of the Spanish men featured in the videos, although I know that Staghomme has tried to hire from other locales. Men of Latin descent are just the most sexy. Say what you want, but I stand by my statement.


Doug said...

Ricky Sinz and Francesco would be hot, though a little scary.

Sue said...

That is precisely why it would be so hot!

Thonnibg said...

I agree,Francesco was divine in this episode!
Great review,Sue!

Sue said...

Thanks Toni!

Stan said...

I so get what you mean about Spain. Madrid with it's great architecture, culture and hot Latin men with their accents drive me wild. I think to seduce a straight man is the fantasy most gay men have and this video surely captures that fantasy. Good job Francesco and Damien!

Anonymous said...


gpcrush said...

omgsh, i totally missed this. I enjoy reading your reviews. Damien totally got some great shots of Aitor and Fran. I love Aitor biting Fran's ass towards the end! rawr!