Saturday, February 21, 2009

Red-Throated Loon

The other day, Sean came home all excited because he had seen and photographed a loon swimming in the LI Sound. I thought, big deal, I hear them outside my window calling all summer long. But then I saw the photos and I said "Honey these don't have black heads like loons are supposed to." So we pulled out our Sibley's and confirmed that this was a red-throated loon in its Winter plumage and had I seen it, it would have added a bird to my life list. Yes, once upon a time, I was a serious birder and kept a life list. Enjoy his fabulous photos.


I guess I could always run down to Old Lyme and find it myself.


Stan said...

How wonderful! He/She is beautiful! Great pics too! I love bird watching too and get all excited when I see coromorants, white and blue herons here on the Raritan, Sandy Hook Bay fishing along the shore. I could just watch them for hours. I've never seen or heard loons however.

Sue said...

We have Eastern Loons everywhere here. Mostly we hear them though in the evening with their distinctive call. They are tough to spot because they ride so low in the water and are shy. Mostly you see them at dawn. We have tons of cormorants and herons of all types here too.