Friday, February 20, 2009

Spycam: Manuel Lopez Reviewed

From Stag Homme:

Damien Crosse invites the thuggish Spaniard Manuel Lopez to his place for a fuck session. But Manuel doesn’t have a clue that there’s a hidden camera recording all the action. “Spycam” is about real sex, real chemistry and real intimacy. It’s also Manuel Lopez’s porn debut, and he gives Damien quite the pounding.

I should say so. It is quite obvious that Manuel knows nothing about the camera as both men start off slow mainly by Damien servicing Manuel's cock and ass with his mouth. Manuel is very much into this and fucks Damien's mouth in a couple of positions. But then the video gets really hot when Manuel folds Damien in half and fucks the shit out of him in staccato fashion. Damien cannot help but spurting cum pretty much right away; and you might too just from watching as it is so fucking hot to see! I was breathless.

I don't know what these guys at Stag Homme are doing to me. It is a conspiracy to make me a porn addict I think. I need an intervention. Knowing that you have a problem is the first step, right?


Thonnibg said...

Short but hot review,Sue!Sounds like a great vid AGAIN.

Welcome to the SH addicted group,Sue:-)

Doug said...

Damien with his legs up around Manuel's shoulders and wiggling his ass as Manuel slips his cock in, how great is that????

Sue said...

Doug - I know! That was exactly what got me going too! HOT!

gpcrush said...

Fucking loved every moment of this. Sue, did you adore the bonus? Didja?