Monday, February 23, 2009

Kiss and Don't Tell - A Shaded Exclusive

From Filthy Never Looked So Good:

A few months ago, photographer René Habermacher was asked to contribute to a major Swiss magazine's "gay" issue. Immediately he thought of using cult muse/porn/alien/creature/star François Sagat to revisit the one and only Swiss national legend, William Tell.

As you may recall the legend had William Tell shoot an arrow through an apple sitting on top of his son's head, then an other through the Austrian viceroy which had forced him to do so.
Apparently the editors of Switzerland did not share his sense of humor, because after expressing interest in the project, the magazine's editors cut the story out. That scenario repeated with every other Swiss magazine: initial interest, then refusal due to fear. And to think François had died his beard red just for the occasion.... So now A Shaded View On Fashion gets the exclusivity of this series, which will be posted over the next week or so...

Model François Sagat
Photographer René Habermacher
Assisted by Laurent Dubin
Styling by Isabelle Kountoure
Make Up + Grooming Tanya K


Doug said...

These are so cool. Francois always has such great photo shoots.

Fer said...

Great pictures, love is expression, and is face.

Fer said...

his expression, sorry

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