Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Bunnies Chronicles

This is a review of Stag TV Episode 9: The Making of XXX Raw Uncut Unedited. From StagHomme:

This is the second edition of Making Triple X, where Stag TV takes you behind the scenes of Stag Homme XXX Features. This episode documents the making of “Stockholm Syndrome” (Dennis De Nello and Damien) as well as “Morpheus”, Francesco and Damien’s first scene together. The footage is pretty much raw, uncut and unedited.

I began to smile when I saw the comic book layout titled "The Bunnies Chronicles" with the live camera rectangle in the center and didn't stop smiling and laughing until it was over. I have to agree with Doug, there could have been 4 parts and I would have been thoroughly entertained.

The parts I enjoyed the most were the incompetent camera man in Miami whose hands were shaking so much he must have had Parkinson's disease, whose shadow was always in the frame and Francesco had to explain when the camera was on record! What does $800 an hour get these days anyhow???

I loved seeing Damien make sad and happy bunny ears in his Stockholm mask! As well as in all his personae! He is just to cute!

Photo source: Tamara

I loved watching Francesco do Dennis De Nello's make up. I didn't know he could do that. I love watching the behind the scenes footage.

Best of all, I loved watching the shower after the filming of the final piss scene for Morpheus. Sigh. Gorgeous! the boys testing the water temperature, of course Francesco is in control of it. Damien soaps his chest; exactly what I would do if I were there. Though I would be tempted to do something else first. Hmm. Lost my train of thought for a moment.

Anyhow, enjoy the clip:

You can see the entire thing only at


Doug said...

I think it's pretty unanimous that the many faces of bunny stole the show.

gpcrush said...

I put my own spin on the many faces of the hooker bunny on my LJ!

Love this episode. :)