Sunday, February 15, 2009

More from Pedro Andreas - Updated

Yes - this is a new photo of Pedro's torso; almost perfect I would say!

Pedro just posted these new photos on his blog. God, Pedro gets more gorgeous every day! Don't you agree?

Ross and Pedro goofing around in the gym. No low blows guys! Look at the bulging muscles on Pedro! Look at the bulge! Stop by and give him some love!


Stan said...

Yes Pedro is sure looking good these days! I wish Pedro would change his "Leave your comment" format. I like the one you and Doug use.

Nathan808 said...

this is great. thanks sue!
oh yea, would you happen to know his new youtube page? i found it a few days ago but forgot to bookmark it :(

carolmoni said...

hi sue,l would like to know if daniel marvin is ok.does he has a new blog too? where l can see him?