Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Link with a Mission: Mideast Piece

This may be one of the most important new links I have because they have a mission: road map for peace. Here is their mission statement:

Mideast Piece aims to unite people around the world through shared adoration of that most sacred and bronzed of species, the Middle Eastern man. Whether Muslim, Jewish, Christian or Druze, these desert men are more valuable than any Saudi oil well.

As greater appreciation for the Middle Eastern male develops, we are confident the international community will intervene to preserve and protect this endangered species from destroying itself (and, on occasion, others). There are too many unattractive, pale people on Earth for the world not to make the entire Middle East a natural reserve of hot men, complete with admission fee, monorail, and – of course – petting zoos.

Mideast Piece operates according to these values:

    • Soldiers are hot. They should not be killed in war. They should be trained – strenuously – and put on display for all to lust after. That’s Mideast Piece.

    • Gay men and their supporters face similar challenges all over the world. Mideast Piece is where a shared dialog can provide solutions, mutual support, and hope to gay men of the region – plus tips on where to get a great body wax.

    • Gay Jewish Israelis and neighboring gay Arabs have more in common than, say, a gay New York City Jew and a homophobic Salt Lake City Mormon in the US. We must focus on what unites us, instead of what divides us, i.e., a great ass, nice arms, killer smile, etc.

    • Young gay men of Israeli Jewish background and young gay men of Palestinian Muslim background should get to work, which is what Mideast Piece represents. They must educate all gay – and curious – Middle Eastern men and their allies to make Mideast Piece, not war.

    • Straight men and women of all backgrounds have a key role to play in this endeavor. Only if a majority of straights stop hating gays and start giving them some rights and respect, can we expect gays to feel comfortable enough to lead the way visa vie Mideast Piece.

    You are a Mideast Piece diplomat who must share your feedback about this site and – more importantly – send us hot pix of Middle Eastern men, steamy stories, and generous donations to allow us to continue our work on Mideast Piece. It is up to all of us to put the Middle Eastern man on the pedestal he so justly deserves.

I truly wish that a certain US President would consider the first bullet point. All kidding aside, Mideast Piece takes on serious issues too. So please give them a look.

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