Monday, April 30, 2007

A Puppy for Mommy - Part 2, The Birth

Mommy's puppy has been born! It happened this past Saturday, April 28. The litter had 12, you heard right, 12 puppies. Four of those were the kind my Mom wanted; black with white, male with wavy instead of curly coats. Here is the photo:

I wonder which one my Mom will end up cuddling with? Here is the proud mother suckling her brood:

Aren't they tiny compared to their mom? This was an email from the breeder that my Mom got:

Hi again, I may take you up on your offer eventually. This is how it is in the beginning. Constant rotation of puppies to nurse. Feeding mom all the time and about 8 -10 loads of wash a day to handle all the towels and rug mats that are in the two puppy warming boxes and the whelping box.
My knees are so raw that one actually has blistered and both are swollen.
Are we having fun yet. Either Joe or I are in with the litter to be sure that mom doesn't sit on any that are in with her. They are between 8 and 12 oz she is 45 lbs.
Oh then there is the part that I've been up since the start of labor on Wednesday. napping on an air mattress beside the whelping box. So I haven't actually slept since Tuesday. On Friday Joe got lots of Chinese Food Take Out so we could keep picking without much thought involved. The Restaurant gave us 14 fortune cookies Probably though we were having a huge party!
I must have forgotten something. It's quite humorous . In the end we hope to produce healthy stimulated happy pups.
Will send pictures. They look like mice.


Anonymous said...

my favorite ones are at 3 and 5 o'clock. gorgeous, big spots!


Sue said...

I am just happy they are not black all over!

Peter said...

They look lovely !

Sue said...

Don't they Peter!!! Which one would you take?

Shaney said...

Aweee They are so adorable...MMMM makes me wanna just snuggle in there too...

Sue said...

Shaney - with the puppy pile or at the mother's teat? (latter is kind of ewwy)