Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sad Bunny

Oh no! The bunny is sad! Why the bunny sad? Find out at Tamara's blog. I think I can cheer him up if I was given a chance. *wink\smile* *slurp* *lick*


Kristie~ said...

I'd love to be given half a chance to cheer him up *shivers*

Thonnibg said...

Oh my heart`s breakin`.
We have to cheer the bunny up!!

Sue said...

I know! Why aren't we being given a chance???

Ray Avito said...

Very cute! I spotted a nice sketching of Damien HERE

gpcrush said...

After this weekend I'm the definitve Rock Band lead vocalist diva! How about I belt out a song for him?

Would that cheer him up? LOL! LOL


smeTee said...

HAAA but why is it sad? lool I will immediately see the blog Tamara ^