Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Francesco Tops Damien Live During Chat

Photo Source: Tamara

You heard right! That is exactly what happened in this action packed evening. When the chat opened, Francesco was alone. He whispered that Damien was sleeping and asked if we would like to see him. Of course we did! So, he carried the laptop into the bedroom where Damien was on the bed in dreamland. He uncovered Damien and revealed that he was only wearing white socks and had wood! But, he was holding his bunny just like a little boy! Gently Francesco awoke him saying that there were some people here to see him and would he like to say hello. In his very sleepy voice, Damien said hello to longtime viewers by name.

Slowly he was roused by reading questions that participants were writing in. Then, Francesco got naked too. They indicated that the White Party in Miami sucked. Francesco got to pet a baby chinchilla and that they were like mice. Damien seemed distracted by Francesco’s gummy. Francesco pointed out, that while Damien was sucking on his gummy; he was still holding his bunny. Then they started the contest for the DVD of Telescope starring Damien Crosse and François Sagat. The first question was what Damien was nominated for by XBIZ (LGBT Performer of the Year)? The second question was what is Damien’s bunny’s name (Pagnotella)?


Photo Source: Kristie

By then Francesco was erect and asked Damien to roll over onto his front. He got some lube and put it on Damien’s asshole. I watched stunned as Francesco mounted his lover and began to enter him. Smeety, a participant from France, wrote that it was rare for Damien to bottom like this. I could tell from the moaning that Damien was doing that he could feel the pleasure of Francesco’s cock in him, if not the pain of it as well. Someone wrote “The pain is part of it.” I watched breathless because it was so beautiful to share this love with them and so hot at the same time. Francesco moved so that we could see their asses. Then after a while, Damien asked him to stop, that he had had enough. And Francesco complied thus lending credence to the fact that it had indeed been painful. They lay together side-by-side and Francesco jerked their penises together with his hand while they came up with the third question. Which was what was Damien doing in San Francisco recently.

Then, Damien got up on his knees, and jerked in a focused manner for a few moments and Francesco guided his cock to his lips so that he could catch his cum in his mouth. He swallowed every drop, asking us if we knew how good it tasted. He told us how lucky he felt to be with the most gorgeous man on the planet. The fourth question was who in Damien’s eyes is the most gorgeous man on the planet (oh boy, that really is a toughie)?


Photo Source (more photos there): Kristie

Then they broke that sad news that a famous porn couple has broken up. A new Stag TV episode will come out tomorrow and they say it is the best ever, but they swore us to secrecy. I cannot wait to see it. Oh, and while they were in Miami, they cast a really hot Cuban guy for their next XXX feature and they are going to try some outré techniques out. Yum, I love Cubans! Muy Caliente! Was I not supposed to say that? I don't remember... StagHomme is really the place to be. Join here.

After the chat, Francesco promised Damien he would unload in his ass. Then they signed off.


Doug said...

Hot review, Sue. I missed the whole Cuban casting conversation. I must have been distracted by something. I wonder what.

Sue said...

Um, I know what you mean. Not that anything terribly important was happening in the background. That is why I can't quite recall if I was supposed to spill that or not. It was like Francesco said something about how his load was going into Damien's booty and then they signed off and it was like zip for my mind! It was a blur of gorgeous hot tattooed man flesh toward the end there. Thanks! Glad you liked the review!

gpcrush said...

I think their new model is Cuban. Maybe they found him in Miami. Maybe I'm making that up. I was totally distracted by Damien bottoming.

"Shhh, baby."

Damien totally bit the pillow tonight and it was glorious and hot! *g*

Kristie~ said...

I agree...Francesco saying "Shhh, baby" to him nearly undid me. Whispering in his ear...I loved it. Very intimate.

Sue said...

Yeah, pillow biting meant it hurt. "Shhh baby" meant it hurt. I forgot about that. It was really intimate. Yet, I don't feel that I am intruding. Do you?

smeety said...


I was excited by reading your posts lol. I hope that "the Cuban" is as beautiful as Damien (impossible lol). I hope to see you on the live cam. "


Kristie~ said...

No I didn't feel like I was intruding. I felt like they let us in. It was their choice to show us that. I enjoyed every minute of it. I just thought that it was intense. I'm such a girl. Pay no attention to me. Thanks for the hat tip Sue.

gpcrush said...
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gpcrush said...

Sue, hun, you make pillow biting sound like a bad thing? That's not how I meant it. Fuck, I thought it was hot. Damien's ass might not be all the way fucked out, but I don't think he was hurtin' in any way.

Do you really think Fran is so selfish that he'd keep pounding away knowing he wasn't giving his husband absolute pleasure? That doesn't even feel right to me.

I'd not find that HOT at all. Period.

edited for poor punctuation.

Kristie~ said...
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YvesPaul said...

They are really cute together. Damien being the adorable cub and Francesco is just plain hunky.