Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Ereccion, which stars Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin, was filmed before they broke up and just released by Raging Stallion.

Synopses and photos from Raging Stallion:

Daniel Marvin and Juan Blas are making out and stripping down. As they strip, we get to see the massive bulge of Daniel's pecs, his biceps, his legs, and the rock-hard dick in his briefs. Juan is equally beautiful, not as big but perfectly proportioned with big pecs and tight abs. Juan goes down on Daniel, working the dick in and out of his mouth and across his lips. Daniel enjoys the hard worker and he feeds Juan his foreskin before pushing the rest of his cock into his throat. Juan's dick is a big surprise as it pops out of his briefs and into Daniel's mouth. Daniel works the dick from the tip to the balls and back again. Juan offers his ass up and Daniel eats it eagerly, stretching Juan's hole and sucking his dick. When Daniel bends over to offer up his ass, Juan goes in first with his tongue, working the tight hole with his fingers and mouth. Juan replaces his tongue with his dick and fucks Daniel doggy-style. Daniel takes it like a pro as the camera follows Juan's big cock pumping into his ass. Juan is next up for fucking so Daniel sits back as Juan straddles him and rides. After a long round of making out and fucking, Juan lies on his back for more. Daniel puts it in and fucks him until Juan cums all over his stomach. Daniel pulls out and adds his cum to the creamy mess.

Pedro Andreas has got to be one of the hottest men alive. He is swaggering with South American manliness. He is matched in muscle with Lucas Ronda, who is quick to go down on his knees for Pedro's fat cock. Lucas works Pedro's dick until it’s fully hard and thick, taking it from the balls to the head and back down again. Lucas works the head and foreskin before swallowing the whole thing again. When Lucas offers up his ass, Pedro is happy to dive right in tongue-first before sticking his big dick inside. Pedro pounds Lucas, filling his hairy hole, pulling out and going all the way back in. When Lucas flips over and the two men face each other, Pedro really lets him have it. Lucas takes it for as long as he can before shooting cum all over his own abs. Pedro pulls out and adds his cum to the pile.

Pedro Andreas is sunbathing when Nico Aragon comes to the window. After a few glimpses, Nico is on his knees and Pedro is feeding him dick. Pedro works Nico's throat, feeding him cock gently at first. Nico strips and reveals an amazing, hairy musculature, tight abs, thick arms, and a big, beautiful, uncut cock. Pedro feeds on Nico's cock, running its length along his lips and down his throat. Nico pumps his dick in and out of Pedro's mouth before taking another turn sucking dick. Nico's ass is next in line for some tongue action and Pedro works his butthole with his lips. Pedro may be a top but he also has an amazing asshole. Nico treats it with love as he warms it up with his mouth. When Nico bends over and opens his ass, Pedro shoves in his dick and works Nico's hole hard. Nico loves the ride and it’s obvious from his moaning and the smile on his face. Pedro loves to fuck a nice hole and as the guys switch from one position to another, there's not a beat missed. With Pedro pumping deep inside, Nico lets loose a stream of cum before Pedro blows his own load.

Nine hot men. Five scorching scenes. One hot movie. Raging Stallion Studios is excited to deliver Ereccion to the world. From the first second to the last, Ereccion is full of big uncut dicks and lots of eager bottoms getting fucked left and right.

See the preview here.

Hat tip: Queer Me Now


about a boy said...

hubba hubba. you always have such nice scenery around your blog.

Sue said...

Thanks Chris!

Nathan808 said...

yey! you put it up! I'm glad I could help. I'm really happy to see them in a film together, even though they dont have any scenes together. I still love them both :)

Sue said...

Of course I followed up on your tip Nathan! That's what bloggers do! And I love them so much!

Are you going to make any posts on your new blog??? You should! Then I could link to you. Wouldn't that be cool?

Nathan808 said...

the would be nice. never really thought about actually putting something up. honestly i dont know how to begin lol.. i'm glad to help though, Daniel & Pedro are my absolute favorite. i love those two!

great job on your blog though, i check up on it everyday :)