Thursday, April 16, 2009

In the Brig

From Butch Dixon:

You'd think a handsome man like Ross Hurston could keep his nose clean, but this soldier is in trouble and in the brig again. And this time he's facing some stern discipine from his big-dicked sergeant. I've been waiting for a while to get Carioca naked and over here on Butch Dixon. He's a hot, muscular hunk with a deliciously beautiful, fat cock. Ross Hurston has been waiting quite some time to get a taste of his sergeant's cock. So when Carioca comes into Hurston's cell, the horny private wastes no time in pleasantries. He's already in shit, so what if he breaks a little "don't ask, don't tell" rule. But technically he didn't ask, Hurston just gets down on his knees and starts to unbutton the sergeant's pants. Carioca sheds his shirt, revealing a perfectly chiseled and ripped torso. Pecs so hard that you're dying to lick and chew on them and abs so ripped you can't wait to cover them with cum. But Ross is single-minded; he wants to feel Carioca's fat, uncut dick swelling in his mouth. And swell it does! Hurston's a great cock sucker to watch in action and by the time he's done with Carioca's cock we see how impressive the sergeant's meat is. And Hurston is going to feel how big it is! Carioca bends him over the bunk bed and starts inching that thick cock into Hurston's fuck hole. I tell you, if the army was this hot, we'd all be clamouring to get in. You're going to love this photo set that I've entitled "In The Brig," and watch for the video coming in another couple of weeks. And if you like Ross Hurston, you can see more of this sexy, hung man in Handsome Hunk.


Thonnibg said...

Ross and Carioca look hot as hell together.They exude the same sexappeal.

Doug said...

Love this set!

Sue said...

I always post Ross for you Doug!

Mechadude2001 said...

Ross has a big cock himself!
And Carioca is my type of man!