Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Fantasy - Egyptian Escapade, Part 15

Previously posted September 14, 2007

At the end of our five days in the field, we all gathered back at Ernst’s house. Ernst was there to greet us with a big smile and his bright shiny green eyes. He had already heard about Odji’s demise and had some news of his own. Apparently, Akbar had been executed by hanging while we were out in the field. We just shook our heads. Egyptian justice meted out. I would have been more than satisfied with a life sentence. But it wasn’t up to me. Roble looked pleased with this outcome. Ernst had hired the two harem workers that Roble and Mr. Butterfly had given testimony to help. He said they were hard workers.

We went into the house and over chrysanthemum tea discussed how we would deal with our finding more of the new species that were first discovered in Thailand. Roble agreed that he would write the paper for a peer reviewed entomology journal and put Mr. Butterfly and I as co-authors. He would thank Ernst and the MEFF for funding and support, and thank Basim for his contribution in the area of technical support. Everyone was satisfied with that plan.

Mr. Butterfly and I were faced with the daunting task of packing for our flight back home tomorrow morning. This trip was certainly our longest ever. I began by organizing my things on the bed. Nuri came in and asked if he could do any last minute laundry before I left and I gave him a couple of things from the past five days in the field. I thanked him for being such a good guy and he left. Right behind him was Ernst. He came in and sat on the bed.

“Let me make this easy for you.”, he said. “I don’t want you to feel that you owe me anything for housing you these past two weeks. Please don’t feel that owe me anything as your host, most certainly not when it comes to who you sleep with tonight. If you want to sleep with Basim and not me, that is fine.”

I sighed. “Oh god, Ernst, I don’t know what to say.”

“You will have to say something eventually.”

“What can I say? But, thank you, you have made it easy for me. I had no idea how to broach this with you. Thanks for being so understanding.”

Then I walked to where he was sitting and gave him a big hug. The fact of the matter was that while I was with Basim for five days, we had gotten closer and I didn’t want to betray that by being with Ernst again. But how could I tell Ernst about it without pissing him off? When did trysts get so complicated anyhow?

* * *

Meanwhile in Mr. Butterfly’s room, Nuri had just left with his laundry and Roble came in and locked the door behind him. Mr. Butterfly looked up and said “Locking the door this time of day? What does that mean Roble?”

“This is what I am thinking. I have been brutally raped. My assailants have met with justice and are dead. I need you to make me whole again. I trust you to take me as a man takes a man and love me gently, the way it is supposed to be done.”

“If I understand you correctly, you mean you want me to top you?”

“Precisely. Please, if you will. That is what I would like you to do for me.”

“Are you sure you are healed enough?”

“Yes, I am sure. Please do this for me.”

“Um, that is so not a problem Roble.”

With that, the young explorer moved closer to his entomologist lover and kissed him full on the lips. Roble opened wide for it and their mouths locked as their hands began to feverishly undress each other. As their skin became bared, the breeze from the window felt wonderfully cool on their nakedness. Clothes dropped away exposing pectorals, obliques, abdominals, butts, and erections. Hands began grasping and groping while pleasured sighs escaped their mouths. Nipples were sucked and twisted. A condom was donned. Roble was gently laid on back on the bed with his legs in the air and the young explorer aimed his erection at Roble’s exposed brown pucker. Already lubed up, he gently pushed his way in and watching Roble’s face he could see that it wasn’t hurting so bad during the entry.

As a matter of fact, Roble was enjoying it quite a bit. Quickly, the young explorer kissed Roble while they made love. His erection slid easily in and out of Roble and it felt so good to the young explorer. Roble was also transported; his eyes were rolled back in his head. Then Roble began to speak.

“Oh god. Please fuck me harder, just a little bit harder now. It won’t hurt me. Harder please!!!”, he exhorted Mr. Butterfly, placing emphasis on the last please. So, the young explorer, who had been being careful, now threw caution to the wind and began to pound away at Roble’s fine specimen of an ass. He lost himself in what he was doing, lost himself to all sensation in his dick, in his groin. It was as if all of the feeling in his body was centered there. Damn! It felt so good!

He could hear Roble begin to moan with pleasure and he opened his eyes to look at the beautiful man lying underneath him.

“God, I’m not going to last much longer.”, Roble said.

Mr. Butterfly was too out of breath to reply as he neared his climax also. He could feel his semen rise out of his testicles and pour forth heatedly into the condom in spurts as he busted his nut. There was no feeling on the planet quite as pleasant. Roble must have been aware of it too, because he came shortly thereafter all over himself. The young explorer collapsed on top of Roble with his exertion.

Both men caught their breath and slid apart slightly to look into each other’s eyes.

“Thank you. I am whole again.” Then Roble bent forward a tiny bit and kissed the young explorer on the lips.

The young explorer replied “It was my pleasure.”, and he winked and then he smiled. Then they just hugged each other really tight.

* * *

That night, I slept with Basim and once again we had our gentle and orgasmic love making. I was on top this time. I could only get about two thirds of Basim’s huge erection into my pussy, but he was just that big. Fortunately, it was also enough for Basim’s pleasure. But all of the contact inside me drove me wild and I came multiple times. Fuck, that guy was such a turn on!

Basim was curious as to how I had excluded Ernst from my bed and I explained that Ernst had been the one who was understanding and mature and came forward to make the offer. Basim was surprised, but relieved. I was tremendously relieved myself. He held me for the last time that night. I was going to miss him really badly. Maybe I should consider settling down. Sigh. Nah.

* * *

The next morning, we said heartfelt our farewells to Ernst, Nuri, Roble, and Basim and thanked Ernst profusely for his hospitality. Then, Basim took us to the Cairo International Airport. I gave him a huge hug goodbye before we boarded our flight.

Once on the plane, I turned to Mr. Butterfly and said “I don’t know about you, but I’m glad to be going home.”

“Me too.”

“I’m going to miss Basim though.”

“I’m going to miss Roble.”

We held hands across the armrest and had a little cry together and it felt really good.



LUCIEN said...

What a Beautiful masculine face on the first

Sue said...

Hmm. Yes. That is Ernst. At the beginning both characters vie for him.

Thonnibg said...

What an end!

Stan said...

I would have had a threeway with Ernst and Basim.

Sue said...

Stan - that already happened a few episodes ago...