Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Interview Magazine: François Sagat

From Interview Magazine:

In the world of gay erotica, French porn-star Francois Sagat has become something of a cult phenomenon. A painfully shy boy in his teens, Sagat grew up to be a strong, almost otherworldly muscle vision, representing the extreme end of gay body culture. What separates Sagat from his peers is his artistic involvement with designers such as Bernhard Willhelm as well as the French fashion label Fade where he can use his skills as an accomplished draftsman. I met Francois in a café by Centre Pompidou in Paris to talk about his trade, the power of body transformation, and why a man should never be afraid of his feminine sides.

New artwork by François Sagat: click to enlarge

Read this fascinating interview where Sagat discusses his life now and when he was younger, porn, and his fan's obsession with him now. You can read it here.

Source: Freaky


Thonnibg said...

Some fans are really quite cheeky.That`s scary.They must respect his privacy!

Sue said...

So Toni, does that mean that you volunteer to hang around Sagat and protect him from overzealous fans???

Anonymous said...

I would say that mr. sagat is having a strange fascination for himself!