Sunday, April 05, 2009

Our Bluebird Box Has Tenants!

I am so excited! I was walking home as usual and checked the bluebird boxes and guess what??? I saw a male bluebird fly out of one!!!!!! At least I thought it was a male bluebird, but these things need confirmation.

So, I went and got Sean, who brought his camera (the good one with the zoom lens). He stood outside patiently and waited to catch the female as she brought nesting material to and from the box. Isn't she gorgeous? This is confirmation that indeed, what I saw was a male bluebird, because this is a female bluebird. Her blue head and tail feathers combined with her ruddy chest and white abdomen are the telltale signs of what kind of bird she is.

I only put them up last Saturday! These birds wasted no time moving in. The box that is now occupied is the one that I am pictured holding the drill up to. We'll be watching them and reporting developments!!!


DamienNZ said...

How fantastic!! You lucky thing you.

Thonnibg said...

You`re doing great things for those little creatures,Sue!

Sue said...

Thanks guys! I was so surprized and delighted!

David Mason said...

WOW?! that fast?!?! and like I said Ive never even seen one..?!

Stan said...

How cool! I know my bird houses are already occupied by the sparrows again building their nest inside going back and forth with material. It's also nice to see the robins again listening to the ground and coming up with worms! Nature is so cool to watch isn't it?

Sue said...

Well David, come on up to my house if you want to see two!

Anonymous said...

Im on the Canadian Prairies Sue and
we dont have bluebirds here or none
Ive ever seen so perhaps we do.
The geese are all starting to return
now but there is still alot of snow.
Spring is taking its time getting here.
I love it when the robins and humminggbirds return. Soon Soon

Your put your shoes on reader.

Sue said...

Yes Shoes, according to my "Sibley Guide to Birds" you do have Western Bluebirds in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in the Summer. That is where they come to breed. So keep your eyes open! They are bright blue all over and really pretty!

Anonymous said...

So excited you have tenants in your Blue Bird box. We also have tenants saw them this week end.