Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Remembering the past and wasn't it hot?


Mechadude2001 said...

I think that scene is one of the hottest I've ever watched. They are both so fucking fine, so equally matched! And so insatiable!

Sue said...

I totally agree! That is why it was such a tragedy that they split.

Nathan808 said...

they were my absolute favorite couple.
It really made me sad..

do you know if Daniel or Pedro are coming out with any new movies? does Daniel have a blog too or something?

Nathan808 said...

Oh here, I found news on a film that just came out with Daniel & Pedro. I'll help you sue :)

Info 1: http://queermenow.net/blog/porn-preview-errecion-raging-stallion/#more-3575

Info 2: http://store.ragingstallion.com/show.php?m=2336&w=100817&s=10&p=2&c=&t=0&cs=&u=http://store.ragingstallion.com/show.php?m=2336

The movie is called Errecion.
I think it was filmed after they had split already but I'm not sure. I hope they still friends or will end up back together.. I'm still hoping :)

Sue said...

Thanks for your help Nathan. There is still one more that they made with Francesco D'Macho in Costa Rica.

Many things would have to happen for them to get back together. Yet, I am hopeful too.

Thonnibg said...

I`m not sure if Pedro will ever be ready to forgive.I hope he will.