Thursday, April 02, 2009

StagHomme: Old York to Miami Reviewed

From StagHomme:

This episode takes you from the dirty and boring Old York to the relaxing and tropical Miami. “Old York to Miami” once again gives you a behind-the-scenes look of making triple x in a comic and absurd style signature of Stag TV. This time you’ll get closer to three Miami boys: straight body-builder Alain Lamas and real-life couple Diego Vena and Jack Datson. Damien can’t control himself in one of the shoots and busts a nut on set right after the actors cumshots. Back up in the icy north you’ll get to see Damien Crosse pound Francesco D’Macho under the showers in front of a club audience in a beautifully captured fuck show full of soap, piss and cum. Porn’s first reality series is back at it, harder and faster this second round.

In this second episode of season 2, Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse reveal to us all the little secrets of their last two XXX features, Acere and Diego and Jack, while traveling to and from Florida and "Old" York. For example, Damien asked Alain to pull his cock away from his body, knowing that it would snap back, something that I was so impressed with in my review. He also planned that seductive look up at the camera that I enjoyed. We also get to see Francesco photographing Alain in the pool. As the cameraman strayed away from Francesco, I was all like "No, I want to see the man with all the dragon tattoos!!!"

Then, in Diego and Jack, we find out that they are a real couple, something that I had suspected. Diego even brags about how hung his partner is and Damien is also very impressed even seeing Jack soft. Damien sniffs Jack's underware and is turned on. We learn that Jack's agony during Part 3 was so real that in this Stag TV episode, they overlayed a scream during that fuck. Damien was so turned on that he had to jack off right after the shoot and came all over himself. Even Francesco was hard. Then Damien did the sad bunny with the two men's cocks. It is a must see!

Damien and Francesco liven up "Old" York with their presence and for the time that they were there, it is New York once again. [Alas, but it is still filthy dirty and not Madrid.] This episode has a shower scene with a golden shower, and we get treated to seeing our STARS fuck. Damien tops Francesco and then cums on his face. And my friends, that makes it all worthwhile for me.

Another stellar production from the folks at StagHomme Studios. You guys got ripped at the GayVNs (who the fuck is Channel 1 Releasing???). Camera work was genius, editing was brilliant. All I can say is keep them coming!

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