Saturday, March 28, 2009

Review: StagHomme's Diego y Jack

From StagHomme:

Diego and Jack live in the same building and have eyed each other a few times before. But this time when they run into each other in the hallway they decide to go at it right there and then. Using the stairwell as refuge Jack whips out his 9 inches and lets the stranger devour it. Diego is craving more of his cock and decides it’s time for Jack to shove it in his ass, so he gets up from his knees and takes him over to his place. Water splatters everywhere as Jack pounds Diego’s ass in a huge bath tub. These horny neighbors move it to the bedroom and it’s Diego’s turn to return the favor until Jack can’t take it anymore and blows his load into Diego’s hungry mouth.

Introducing Diego Vena and Jack Datson in their porn debut.

Diego y Jack could be called the allure of the well endowed twink so far as I am concerned. In both fantasy, such as Volchuk, the character I created in my Friday Fantasy series, a.k.a. the BRC, and now in porn as Jack reveals his 9 inches to Diego.


You heard right. Twink Jack is sporting 9 inches of cock underneath his hot twinky exterior. What is it about these hung twinks that is the draw? Is it the contradiction that such a slight man could have a large cock? At this point, you would have to tell me, but I find it really hot and so does Diego. Not that Diego is any slouch either. He has hot Latin looks and is well hung too.

There are three parts to this StagHomme XXX feature, plus these two young men are making their porn debut. I would say that this is quite impressive work for a debut. Part 1 is in the top landing of the stairwell, where the two swap blow jobs. They go at it fiercely, as if they have hungered for each other their whole lives, until Diego says in his very masculine voice "Let's go to my place."

Part 2 is in a large shower-tub where Jack finally fucks Diego with his huge tool. I really liked this scene because I thought that Diego was just instantly into the fuck. He grunts and puts his hands back to help Jack push his cock into him right away. He spreads his own ass cheeks and keeps grunting as he cheers Jack on by saying "Harder D.!" The camera work here is phenomenal as the running water from the shower is caught being splashed upwards between the ass and cock of the two boys.

Part 3 takes place in the bedroom where Diego gives Jack a taste of his own medicine, so to speak. As soon as he penetrates Jack, Jack goes into his "o" face and holds it, and curls his toes as if in agony and ecstasy. Diego kisses him on the ankle and calls him "baby". This part was just really sweet and hot! When Diego finally cums, he is sucking on Jack's post-cum cock, with cum on his face, and the muscles of his entire body are shuddering; it is really something to see and is expertly caught on camera.

Kudos once again to Damien Crosse for artistic videography and Francesco D'Macho for superb editing. We've got another hit on our hands guys!

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