Friday, March 06, 2009

Damien & Francesco at the Winter Party in Miami

When I last saw Francesco and Damien [Doesn't that sound all name droppy and bitchy??? Well as they say, smoke 'em if you've got 'em !] they were confiding all this personal shit to me and Cristiano, ever the PR person, was freaking out. "Don't tell her that, you'll be reading all about it on Fair View tomorrow!"

So Francesco looks me right in the eye and says "You want a story? Here's the story: I love Damien Crosse!" Damien was across the table wrapped in conversation with Cristiano and didn't hear him.

Keeping a straight face I shot right back at him "Can I quote you on that one?"

He smiled and said "Yes. I am sure you will be the first one with this story." Then we laughed.

Here are the lovebirds kissing at the White Party in Miami. They told me loads about the party that night at the bar. Mostly I was jealous of their fierce tans, when I was so pale from the long northern winter.

Francesco showed me the photo (above) of this Lebanese man that they were quite taken with. Isn't he gorgeous? He said that they are working on getting him and another young man, in the photo below, a contract with StagHomme, so you maybe seeing more of them.

Here are the two young men together. Francesco and Damien were very impressed with the way some of the young men danced, and from what they said, I surmised that they were doing a limbo kind of dance, because they said the dancer would end up so close to the floor that people would just gasp.

Hmm. I think Damien is not such a good influence on Francesco. More NSFW photos to be seen at Francesco's blog.

Remember, if you are in Providence tomorrow, you can see them live at 2Xcess.


Stan said...

Thanks Sue, for giving us readers and "looky lou's" more info on these hot pics and who some of these gorgeous men are!

Thonnibg said...

Franceso loves Damien?I`m so surprised:)
Thanks Sue for the news.The Lebanese guy would be a great addition to the hot SH family.

Sue said...

Toni - I know, the news about them is a shocker isn't it???

Ray Avito said...

Their two discoveries are very attractive and the one with the light colored eyes is simply stunning. That's a nice catch!

Sue said...

I know Ray, they really have an eye for men!