Saturday, March 28, 2009

Deer Wandering Our Property

Just incredible! We live in a complete wilderness here! I just glanced out the window and noticed a deer wandering around our vehicles looking for something to eat. I ran for my camera, but could only take shots from inside the house because they startle so easily. It is not like where my sister lives [Westchester] where you can walk right up to them and they stare you down, due to overpopulation. You might have to enlarge the photos to see the deer.


DTNZ said...

Oh Sue how WONDERFUL for you :)

I love wildlife.

Where I lived in Orlando FL, there was a fairly large natural pond behind us that had a family of tortoyse' - I called the parent Thomas and Tina - and the two kids Terry and Tisha :)

I know i know - Ill go get my meds :)

Thonnibg said...

You live on a beautiful property,Sue.

Sue said...

Thanks guys! I know, I live in PARADISE!

Stan said...

Very cool! Like I've said before your so fortunate to live in the country surrounded by nature.