Friday, March 06, 2009

Bullwhipped, part 2

Above, Tober being hugged by the whip master after a good bullwhipping.

Nick was tied to a rail fence, blindfolded and tortured by Tyler.

Next, he was hogtied over a saddle and choked with a flogger.

Nick shows his welts from being flogged.

Hurry over to Nick Moretti's blog to read about the shooting of Bullwhipped and see many more NSFW photos of his weekend at the ranch.


Thonnibg said...

Actually Nick and Tyler were tortured by Tober:)

Looks like a great flic!The pics say it all.

Stan said...

Nick's account of the shoot and behind the scenes at the ranch down in Florida is a must read and the pics are awesome! Thank you Nick!

Nick Moretti said...

Hey... THANK YOU so much for reading my very, very long post and for putting the pics up here!!! - Nick :-)

Sue said...

Not a problem Nick - The post was riveting IMHO. It is quite rare that stars tell the full story of the shoot and publish behind the scenes photos like you did. I would have posted the entire thing, but didn't want to rip you off! :)