Friday, March 27, 2009

NEW Friday Fantasy: Kamchatka Assignment Part 9

I was almost asleep when Aleksei stirred a bit and rolled over to face me. “Are you awake Sue?” he whispered.

“Mmm. Yes.” I murmured as I looked into his beautiful brown eyes.

“Would you like to go out and have another look at the Northern Lights with me?” he said softly.

“Sure.” I knew we weren’t going out to look at the damn sky at this late hour. But that didn’t matter to me. I had decided that I was was up for anything that Aleksei wanted from me. We very quietly got out of the sleeping bag, trying not to disturb Pavel. But, Pavel’s arm was over me, and I had to assume that he awoke at least to some extent when we left but I thought better of saying anything.

Aleksei and I crawled out of the tent and we were free! We raced across the meadow under

the golden aurora borealis, the light gilding our limbs with an ethereal glow. “Shall we go to the community tent?” I asked.

“Nyet. Yuri is helping Mr. Butterfly and Volchuk out with the DP in there tonight.”

“Oh. Is that some new butterfly thing?”

Aleksei looked perplexed momentarily, shook his head as if to clear it and then said “Da. So we would have no privacy in there. We want to be under this glorious sky anyhow. Right? Let’s go over here.” He gestured in the distance towards a rise that hid the view from camp.

We hiked over the rise and he spread the blanket on the soft grassy cover, and we lay down upon it together covering ourselves with the spare cloth. We gazed up at the show still in the sky. It was spectacular to say the least.

I felt his warm, steady breath in my ear and it made me shudder. He rolled to his side facing me and placed a large warm hand on my breast. He caressed it through my t-shirt and my nipple became erect right away. I turned my head towards him so that we could kiss.

His lips were soft and moist and gentle. Then he opened his mouth and his tongue entered my mouth. He tasted so sweet as his tongue explored my mouth and his lips covered mine. He began to take my shirt off and I helped him with it. We then took his off as well and our shorts as well. The skin of our naked bodies touching generated far more warmth than they did through clothes. His skin was so soft and hairless everywhere except his pubes. He lay over the length of me, so big and strong and masculine. I could feel his erection hard as a rock on my thigh. He moved down to kiss my breasts and I let a soft moan escape my lips that revealed my urgency. One of his hands cupped my ample butt cheek and I raked his muscular back with my fingers. His other hand played with my pussy and one of his fingers entered me. I gasped with pleasure; I wanted much more.

“Aleksei please fuck me!”

“So you want me to fuck you?” he said teasingly.

“Oh god yes!”

He grabbed a condom and donned it expertly. I parted my legs for him and he gently eased his cock into me. Oh god, it felt so good. He pressed my legs farther apart using his hips as a wedge so that my knees were near his shoulders so that his cock would go as deeply as it could. I put my hands on his muscular ass. Then he withdrew it. He began a slow and gentle rhythm. A rhythm that teased and was so coaxing and pleasurable and soft and reliable; I could not help but abandon myself to it. I gazed up helplessly at him, at his handsome face framed by the aurora borealis, as if he were a Russian icon of the patron saint of carnal pleasure.

He was bringing me to the edge of bliss, how could I ensure this continued?

“Oh god Aleksei, please don’t stop!”

He smiled beatifically and quickened his pace. He had perfect timing as far as I was concerned. I climaxed immediately and his strength alone kept him inside me as I spasmed. He groaned with pleasure as he continued to plunge my depths through my orgasms and I could see in his eyes that he too was getting close. He lowered his lips to mine for a kiss. I sucked on his tongue as he came in my pussy, jerking his hips furiously as he released his load.

After we were done, he lay on top of me heavily, panting, catching his breath. I encircled him in my arms tenderly. Eventually he rolled off and we looked up at the sky.

I had barely caught my breath, when he was ready for me again. I had forgotten what it was like to be with a younger man. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me up on all fours. He pushed his cock into me from behind. I almost fainted it felt so damn good. “God I love your pussy! My cock fits into it perfectly. And you have the most beautiful ass!” He then slapped it as if to punctuate his statement. He found a rhythm that was perfect for us and we worked it until I climaxed hard. He had to strain to stay inside me. I let my arms drop to the ground as I lost control with my ecstasy and he slapped my ass again to get my attention. I was going to have big red hand prints there!

I was just so turned on by having this young gorgeous body builder fuck me hard that suddenly I could not stop climaxing. It was just one spasm after another. Uncontrollable! Spasm after spasm! Aleksei just had to push his hips hard up against me to stay inside and weather them all. My pussy was milking him and he loved it! He groaned loudly as he held himself against me, his hips kind of moving in time with me but his cock never really coming out of me. Then after a few moments he came; milked dry by my pussy. “Oh God! Oh My God!!!”, he exclaimed as quietly as he could.

Then we collapsed sideways into a puddle, still holding onto each other.

“I have never experienced anything like that with man or woman.” said Aleksei. “It was unbelievable!”

I couldn’t help myself. “You mean sex isn’t like that every time for you?” I said coyly, as I put my “you poor thing” face on, still trying to catch my breath.

He just looked at me and saw my straight face and it took him a few moments to see that I was kidding him. “Maybe it was the aurora borealis...” I conjectured.

He leaned over and we kissed. We both looked up at the bright night sky and held each other. After a time, when our heart rates slowed to normal, we went back to the tent where Pavel was for the rest of the night’s sleep.

New photo of Pavel sleeping: GregoryNYC


Thonnibg said...

So is that what we call it now-looking at the Northern Lights?hehe

Very HOT,Sue!

Sue said...

I guess so... Thanks Toni!!!

Stan said...

I've always wanted to see the Northern Lights. The way you just described seeing them sounds like the best way to do it! LOL!

Sue said...

Stan- I would have to say that I agree!!!