Saturday, March 14, 2009

Off To See Mother

Once again, I will attempt to see my Mother for the holidays! I am leaving this afternoon and will return Friday morning. So, posts will be light in the coming week. Sean and I are going to a wedding of a good friend's daughter in Brooklyn and then to Mother's. I will be returning on the speedy ferry.

This week, the ice melted on my pond, and my koi are coming up to see what's up. Much work needs to be done on the pond, as you can see. The net needs to be removed, but a rock is holding it down. I have tried to remove it, but it has eluded my net. I'm going to have to get Sean to help me out with it. Hopefully, most of the leaves will be trapped in the net also. It is so tantalizing seeing the fish again after the long winter. But they are still quite sluggish because the water is still so cold. They don't come all the way up to feed yet. That won't be for many weeks. I can't wait!


Thonnibg said...

Aw that picture is wonderful,Sue.So crystal clear.

Have a great time at Mom`s!

Sue said...

Thanks Toni!

Stan said...

Always glad to see signs of spring and the end of winter. The Vernal Equinox is on March 26th. I've noticed the return of some of my feathered friends too, the redpoles and mourning doves are some of them..

Stan said...

Oh I forgot to say I hope you enjoy your trip and have a safe journey to Brooklyn and Long Island! I love those ferry boat rides.

YvesPaul said...

Look so serene. I love that you have a koi pond. Have fun visiting your mom!

Herodotus said...

I love Koi and had a koi pond in Honolulu. Alas here in Vancouver
my 'black lagoon' has fish loving
blue heron and sea gulls ... no koi
would last a day!

Doug said...

Have a great visit, Sue.

Sue said...

Thanks guys!

Herodotus - Have you tried a net over your pond to protect your fish? I lost many fish to herons and osprey until I put deer netting over it.

Herodotus said...

my 'black lagoon' covers an area 'bout the size of 5 tennis courts so nets are not an option. I'm thinking faster fish or fresh water sharks.Ah well, the water lilies make up for a lot. It's very Giverney in the summer.