Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Masterpiece by François Sagat

Once again, François Sagat has chosen a classical piece of artwork to copy and make his own. This time I will admit my stupidity, even though I have studied art history and visited some of the great art galleries in Europe, and admit that I am not familiar with this work.

Update: The piece is Cleopatra by John William Waterhouse (1887)

So let us have a look at what he has done. Click to enlarge. The work is in pencil and rendered in very fine detail. It is quite beautiful to look at and pleasing to the eye as well. But Sagat has captured the mood of the original in that the judgemental expression of the character's downward gazing eyes is perfect. It is as if she/he is sizing up someone who is so much less than they and thinking "You dare come before me with your petty grievance?" That is what makes this a wonderful drawing.

There are some other details that Sagat has changed also. He has bared his thigh and chest plus added more folds of fabric to the tunic. Also added are more flourishes in the crown and a wide belt instead of a draping sash. None of these detracts from the overall effect of the finished work.

Overall, I like this work quite a bit and think it is a most impressive addition to M. Sagat's portfolio. It shows ambition that he has successfully attempted to copy a classical painting once again and add his own elements. But then as if that wasn't enough, he mirrors the painting in his own interpretation which I feel adds immensely to the work.

Clearly, M. Sagat has artistic talent to spare and is ready to tackle color and new mediums. I'd love to see what his genius could do with watercolors, or oil paints. He certainly has the patience for either.


about a boy said...

hubba hubba!

Stan said...

This is unbelievable! I just can't imagine the patience and talent that goes into such work. Francois has done it again! Bravo!

Doug said...

The original painting is, I think, "Cleopatra" by John William Waterhouse, who also did "The Lady of Shallot" that Sagat did a variation on. Love his paintings (tho I had to look at the signature on the painting to realize that it was one of his---I figured it was Pre_Raphaelite but didn't know which). Sagat's drawings of this are amazing.Delicate and meticulous and fun.

Fer said...

Really nice, love it.

FREAKY !!! said...

waouh love that post,i'm honored and pleased.
would love to meet you and have a drink while i'm in the east cost;

francois s.

Cristiano Mancini said...

Genial ! Sublime ! Very Sagat ! I love it !

Thonnibg said...


Sue said...

Doug - Okay, now I feel really ignorant! Even I can see the artist's signature!!! But didn't think to look for it?!?!

Francois - You earned this review with this wonderful work. Just let me know when you are in NYC and I would be honored to join you!

Rob Bartell said...

Very nice!

p.s Sue, I haven't forgotten about you know what...just way behind schedule. Will be in touch! :)

Herodotus said...

Hats off to M.Sagat! Beauty both inside And outside!!! I would love to see what he would do with Alma-Tadema!