Sunday, March 01, 2009

Marco Blaze in Double Barrel

You can order Double Barrel via Marco's blog or at Titan Men. Here is a clip of Marco getting sucked off by Brian Mills while Alex stands around and watches:


Doug said...

I was going to say poor Alex only gets to stand by and watch, but then he gets to kiss Marco, which is just as hot as Brian getting to suck on his cock.

Sue said...

I guess that later on, Marco fucks Alex too.

Molly Millions said...

OK before I watch this and all my brain cells melt, a technical question: How are you able to embed Titan's trailers? I've been wanting to put up clips from several of their trailers, but I cannot get Realplayer to download them. With every other site I can, but not Titan.

(watches clip)

Jesus. oh wow. Hmmm. That's a lot of cock to choke down, maybe he needs some help.

;)~~ GOD I love Marco.