Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Part 14, Egyptian Escapade

Meanwhile in the adjoining room, Basim hugged me tightly to his huge muscular chest until I could scarcely breathe. We were already naked as he led us to our bed. He plunged his strong tongue into my mouth forcefully and I did not resist, opening wide for him. He pushed me onto the bed and held me down. “Gently my sweet.”, I urged.

“I just want you so bad, all to myself. I can’t help it.”, he murmured as he took my breast into his mouth. Finally he his giant erection entered my tight pussy and the sheer size of it made me gasp. I had forgotten just how big he was. I almost blacked out as the multiple orgasms began and I wrapped my legs around him. My flesh was so tight around his dick, I was surprised I had room for spasms, yet there it was. It was so fucking hot, and I just couldn’t stop them. Basim noticed too and was completely turned on. He sure was not going to last long under these conditions with all of my spasming going on inside. He began to moan with each stroke, and as they got faster and closer together so did his moans. We made love desperately, as if this were our last opportunity, when in actuality, we had five days. He came explosively, with a final grunt, then pulled out and disposed of the condom.

“I can see why Ernst is so selfish with you. I would be too.” Then he gave me a huge grin and held me close.

“Oh stop it Basim, you’ll make a girl blush! Go to sleep now.”

* * *

The following day, after a quick breakfast of coffee, tangerines and dates, Basim and Roble took us in the vehicles to the Nile to catch water striders.

Roble, Mr. Butterfly and I donned our waders and mine actually fit me! Roble and I handled the nets and collection jars and Mr. Butterfly took care of the records and securing our catch. Basim guarded us from the top of Roble’s truck and watched out for Nile crocodiles.

I must say there were tons of water bugs to catch and plenty of striders. But they were pretty quick little buggers. There was a knack to catching them and Roble showed me how. He was a good and patient teacher. You just had to get them scampering towards your net with one hand and then swoop them up with net in the other. We caught tons of them this way. Then we would move on to another spot in the river.

We caught bugs every morning and during the afternoon heat, we would sort and examine our catch under microscopes in our rooms, documenting our findings. By the end of the week, we had found more of the new species already identified last week, but no additional water strider species.

At night, Mr. Butterfly and Roble continued to explore each other, for “scientific” purposes only I am sure, in their Moroccan paradise; while Basim and I continued to get to know each other in our gentle orgasmic and erotic way.

On our last day out collecting we found more than we bargained for. At least Roble did. He swiped his net deeply and it caught on something very heavy. He pulled to free it and came up with a foot. A human foot. We stopped everything, got out of the water and Basim called the police on his cell phone. About an hour later a police boat showed up to look for the rest of the human remains. They searched endlessly and only found a head. I sure didn’t want to take a close look at it and neither did Mr. Butterfly. We chickens waited by the truck with Roble. It had been down there a while Basim took a look and was able to recognize that it was Odji. Apparently, he was eaten by a crocodile. We all kind of looked at each other and nobody said a word about karma, but we were all thinking it, that is for sure.



thonnibg said...

Thank God I`m not the only one who thinks Brad Pitt is not that!
Congratulations,Sue, for your long and happy marriage with your husband!Wish you at least 2x23 more happy years together with him!
Your today`s story is so hot that I had to sweat a couple of times while reading it!

Sue said...

Thanks Toni!

Doug said...

Yipes! Loved that last bit. Creeped me out, in a good way. Hot hung guys and gruesome death, the perfect combo. Excellent, Sue!

Sue said...

Gee, thanks Doug!

Anonymous said...

I read this yesterday, and was still thinking about that sex today...hotness...

Sue said...

Gee Ray, that's really a compliment coming from you! Thanks!

Sh@ney said...

Such a waste that odji's best bits were eaten...Oh I mean that trecherous bastard deserved it...*sigh* I am certainly glad to see that you all found time for work amongst the wet,juicy orgasmic playtime. Oh shit I sound like someone's superior! Yikes!