Saturday, September 01, 2007

Francesco D'Macho's Blog Goes Daily!

Francesco D'Macho's blog has gone to daily posting that began yesterday. Francesco is full of interesting news. One of the things covered in today's post was a new wallpaper (above) designed by his friend and fan Pintor that Francesco will be using from now on. Isn't it beautiful? Click to enlarge. Let me know what you think. Oh, and visit Francesco's blog!


thonnibg said...

The wallpaper is really very stylish,just like Francesco is!Thank god he decided to update his blog daily.That boy keeps surprising a fantastic way of course!
Kind regards,Sue!

Sue said...

Thanks for commenting Toni! I am glad he is updating daily too!

Pintor said...

Ahh Sue thank you very much to put it in your blog, I blush hehe, Francesco D'Macho deserves everything in this life! haha ^^, good bye! And pretty blog ^^.


Sue said...

You are so welcome Pintor! I agree that Francesco deserves everything in this life. But we do too, do we not? hehehe

Sh@ney said...

I am neither here nor there with the new wallpaper...Its kinda groovy I guess. I used to read Francesco's Blog but I just dont have the time, when I have so many other's to catch up on. I'm sure he wouldn't care either way!