Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Part 13, Egyptian Escapade

This post is dedicated to Chris, who is going through a tough time right now. Send him some loving thoughts to help him through it.

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The following day was spent busily preparing for our trip back out to the Nile to collect water striders. Basim left early to sort out the travel arrangements. Roble was on the phone all day and in and out of the house to get the supplies we would all need. Ernst was also busy on the phone and with MEFF business. Mr. Butterfly and I were in our rooms packing for a five day field trip.

At midmorning, the young explorer stopped by my room and sat on my bed. “So, what’s new?”, he said provocatively as if he knew there would be something big.

“Hmm. Well… I had my first threesome last night.”

“You didn’t!”


“Do tell!”

“Ernst asked me to his room and Basim was there! Naked as a jaybird on the bed! And we all did it! It was wonderful!”

“I’m so happy for you!”

“And you guys?”

“Well, we had one too, a threesome I mean! With Nuri and it was great! That Nuri is hot!”

“That is just super! And Roble was okay with it?”

“He was just fine. He is really doing better since, you know, the incident.”

“I am so glad to hear that Mr. Butterfly. I have been worried about him.”

We hugged tightly since we had not been able to for a while on this trip. It always seemed like forever since I had hugged Mr. Butterfly. I really cared for him a lot.

“I was really worried about you when you were at the harem, you know.”

“I know honey. I know.”

“I’m so glad you are okay.”

“I am okay. I’m right here.”

Then we just held each other tight and I cried a little. After a few minutes he left and we got back to packing. I still felt like I didn't get to hug him enough in proportion to how much I had worried about him. But I guess it was just me being silly. After all, he was okay.

* * *

Later that day, after dinner, I kissed Ernst good bye, and Basim and I got into Basim’s van. Roble and Mr. Butterfly got into Roble’s truck and off we drove for the little Nile village where we would begin our five day trip for water strider collecting. In about two hours we arrived there.

Basim had arranged for rooms at a hostelry that each had a bath. Basim and I shared one room and the boys had the other. We took our bags to the rooms and began to unpack.

Meanwhile, Mr. Butterfly looked around his room. It was quite adequate really. But it was so boring. There was a bed with bed side tables, lamp, desk, and a chair. No ornamentation of any kind to let you know where you were, or even that you were feet away from the Nile. He looked at Roble sullenly.

“Crimeny! It is so boring!”

“I can fix that!”

With that, Roble ran back outside to his truck and came back in with a huge box. He set the box down in the middle of the floor and began to root around in it dramatically looking up towards Mr. Butterfly now and again for effect. He reached in and grabbed something and then came up with it and said “Voila!” It was an orange pillar candle. Roble lit the candle and put it on the desk. It was scented with tangerine.

The he went back to the box and began rooting around in it again. Again he did his “voila” routine and pulled out a small pair of Moroccan lamps. He put one on each of the bedside tables. They looked absolutely exotic and mystical when the lights were off.

Then, back in the box, and rooting around he produced some matching red and orange silk Moroccan fabrics for the bed and to hang on the window. The room was instantly transformed into a Moroccan dream come true.

Then, Roble pulled their galabias out of his bag, and they got into those.

Mr. Butterfly sat on the newly made bed and reclined back. “This is so much better Roble. Thank you!”

Roble came around the other side of the bed and got onto it with Mr. Butterfly. He pulled Mr. Butterfly closer to him and whispered “So where were we, before we were so rudely interrupted?”

Mr. Butterfly looked up into his lover’s intoxicating deep brown eyes and smiled. “I was ready to fall into your arms as I recall.”

Then they kissed.

That night they made love. Roble drove Mr. Butterfly wild with his erection up the young explorer’s ass. Mr. Butterfly just couldn’t get enough. He seemed insatiable. When they were finished, they slept in each others’ arms.


Jack said...

I half expected that Roble would pull Nuri also out of the pack.

Sue said...

Jack - LOL!

Sh@ney said...

Right! There is just a little too much lovin going on here. It is starting to sound like a 'sexpedition'. Seems the only samples being collected are the semen variety...*pokes tongue* I guess there is no harm in having a balance of rest and play, though the scales may be slightly tipped in the other direction. hehe
Hi ho Hi ho!

Doug said...

Love the fact that Roble had a portable redecorating kit handy. They are a cute couple.

Sue said...

Well Doug, he may be an entomologist, but he still is gay!