Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Pair of Awesome Aussie Blogs

Trevor, Christiaan and the White Wolf

Fair View welcomes new links Superchilled and The Patient Man! Trevor, the author of Superchilled, is an avid swimmer and photographer. He supports himself by working as a physician and his blog features Race Around the World segments where readers guess where photos are from and Wild Wednesdays where Trevor challenges readers to do things that are outside of their ordinary world and a bit scary. He also fills us in on events in his life that include his Aussie pals, most notably Brenton and Christiaan, and other stuff that amuses him and will amuse you too.

Christiaan is The Patient Man and works as a fashion designer. He is extremely imaginative and writes very well. In one post, he pictures himself as King and Brenton as Crown Prince, with only the crown jewels covering his crown jewels. I find this trés amusant! (Of course one troll commenter took the whole thing seriously. How droll!) Christiaan loves to play on the beach with the wet wolf and scope out gorgeous half naked surfers with buttery blond hair. We have so much in common! It is just amazing!

So check out both awesome Aussie blogs and enjoy!


Trevor said...

Thanks Sue for the spotlight! Wow - is that me / us? Quite the introduction!
Technically, 'The White Wolf' belongs to The Frenchman and I. We call him Norten... but Christiaan is his favourite (and most creative)uncle who frequently babysits and could conceivably be seen as a part time dad.
Thanks again, and have a great week.

Christiaan said...

Good morning Sue,

I can't put it any better than how Trevor did above?!

The White Wolf and I do share a unique bond, but he does indeed have other daddies! It is funny though when I have written about the WW that I have never 'explained' that he belonged to T&S as I just assumed anyone who read my blog knew automatically. I suppose I need to start writing a bit more globally minded than I have been.

It is pretty cool having readers from all around the world - it helps prove that we are not such a disconnected generation, nor world wide community at all - far from actually! The things that join us are far greater than the things that divide us!

Have a great week and thanks again for shining some light on us - You must be a star!!!


Sue said...

Gee, I just assumed that WW belonged to Christiaan! Oops! Glad you liked my little summary. You guys have a great week too!

Sh@ney said...

My list is big enough that it takes me forever to get through. Hence why I am culling it quite a bit. I just dont have the time to read anymore than I do now. Besides it shits me that people ask for a link and dont even bother dropping by. Hmmm. You can have the Aussies...:P

Christiaan said...


There is this really cool book called "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie.

Grab a copy.



or :

Sue said...

Shaney, just because you maintain a link on your blog does not mean you have to visit it every day. I have some links I visit once a month to check on they are doing. Not all blog authors post all that often.

I have read the Dale Carnegie book. It is a good read and right on point.

Sh@ney said...

Hmmm but I dont want to win friends. I dont consider my friends a prize either. Besides is it all of a sudden mandatory to have more friends than one would like! Bla bla end of sound bite!

Sh@ney said...

P.s Sue darling I like to visit blogger pals as much as I can, thats what it means to me. Is that so bad?

Sue said...

Shaney my love, whatever pleases you pleases me and I do love that you are my most consistent commenter. I just know that you meant no offense to my new friends.

Sh@ney said...

Of course not Sue, I would never intentionally offend anyone. Though someone may have taken it the wrong way, they dont know me well enough I guess. As you do! But like I mentioned I love to read blogs & just have too many & not enough time. I am sure they are groovy! Peace! *winks*

Sh@ney said...

P.s Trevor's a bit alright ey!

Sue said...

Thanks for the clarification Dear! Ah, but he's already spoken for; his partner is the Frenchman!

Trevor said...

Aw shucks Sh@ney, you're too kind.