Monday, August 06, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Tonight, gentle readers, we have this gentleman from Dore Alley care of Bill in Exile. Pretty hot stuff, isn't he? The manscaping is perfect, don't you think? Uh, my bedroom is this way Sir.

Our second well muscled gentleman is from Brawny Stud. He is clean and shaved all over and ready for his body to be licked and kissed from head to toe. Maybe we should lose the hat first.

Which would you choose for the evening?


Sh@ney said...

I couldn't decide on one so I am going to slip in between them both...That should ensure a pleasant night... :P

Sue said...

I knew someone would say that. Sigh. No one else has claimed them so they are all yours Shaney Boy!

David said...

While I don't really like piercings, the first one is pretty close to perfect, although both could lose the hats. The second is way too built for my tastes.

Sue said...

David - Picky, picky, picky! It's not even a date, it's just a dream! (But thanks for commenting all the same!)