Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hoduran Hooky - Part 5, The Museum at Copan

Next our little party visited the museum at the Copan Ruins. The museum was built as a square with a large courtyard in the middle and inside the hall to view the gallery was one inclined spiral ramp, just like in the Guggenheim. Although the museum was only two stories tall, each story was about 20 feet tall so the height was impressive. Inside were original stela and other artifacts stored to protect them from the elements and replicas were on show. A huge replica of a Mayan temple (Rosalita) was recreated in the center courtyard, painted in what was thought to be the original colors that would have been used in Mayan times.

In the museum it was possible to study the finer details of the Mayan carvings where at the open ruins one was impressed mostly with size and layout. The Mayans were true artisans as well as architects and well worth your vacation time should you decide to visit Honduras.

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