Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Both of our photos tonight are from Caballero. Your evening entertainment is up to you. Join the sleepy dreamer, or the duo. Let me know what you decide. The unedited photo, sans rubber ducky, can be seen here.


Doug said...

Duo! Yum! How nice of the rubber duckie to hold my place for me 'til I get there.

Sh@ney said...

Right now I would be happy to curl up on the sleepy hunk! I could so easily just nestle into his masculine frame...God I love being just a 'wee little me'
Night sweetness...Have wonderful dreams!

Sue said...

Doug - well, at least someone appreciates my rubber ducky! (Jessica take note!)

Shaney - curl away!

dr dick said...


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Sue said...

Thanks for the compliment Richard!

Jessica said...

That rubber ducky should be shot. Send him to Texas and I'll take care of him... Nasty lil' fucker.

Sue said...

At least you can see the photo without him. Doug likes him!