Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Part 11, Egyptian Escapade

The next day, Mr. Butterfly began going through the samples that he and Roble had collected the one day they were out on the Nile. I continued my work with Ernst at MEFF.

There was a call a couple of days later from the Bubastis police. Akbar was negative for STDs including HIV. That was a huge surprise. But with all of the condoms lying around the harem, maybe not so much. The ransom money was found and would be returned forthwith. Some of the other men had claimed that they too had been forced to participate in the harem the same way that Roble had been and wanted Mr. Butterfly and Roble to testify for them to lower their punitive sentences. Roble and Mr. Butterfly agreed to do this for the two men they had seen.

Akbar was looking at the death penalty or at least a life sentence for rape, kidnapping, extortion and running a male harem. There was no sign of Odji anywhere.

Then, Roble and Mr. Butterfly had a special announcement for us. They had gone through their samples from one day out on the Nile and had found two specimens of the new species found in Thailand! They were just waiting for the right moment to tell us. Mr. Butterfly thought initially that was the result but had to have Roble, the expert in Gerridae verify his finding. An email was quickly sent to our foundation and the EES. Several phone calls later, it was decided to extend our stay by a week so that we could get back out into the Nile and look for more new of this species and potentially others. Ernst generously decided to foot the bill for our extended stay. I would be sent with the boys to help with the collection this time around, and Basim would be sent with us for security and to function as a guide. Basim was called right away to make the arrangements. Our work was to begin the day after next.

Everyone was happy with the lab results for Roble and finding the new species so a gala celebration was planned. Roble was healing very nicely and was able to sit up and get around again. He would be ready in time to return to the field. Time to party!

Nuri pulled out all the stops as far as food, drink, live band, and the whole nine yards. It was the event of the century. My favorite part was when Ernst came out of the paper pyramid dressed as Cleopatra. His eyes were really entrancing with all that dark make up around them. You had to be there I guess. But my absolute favorite part was after the party when all of the guests had left.

Ernst bade me to come into his room. “I have a surprise for you Sue.”, said Ernst. There completely naked on his bed was Basim with a huge grin on his face.

* * *

Meanwhile, Mr. Butterfly asked Nuri to come into his room. Roble was naked on his bed, but Nuri had seen him naked many times in the bath. Roble patted the spot on the bed next to him and said, “Come here Nuri. I would like to kiss you. But only if you want it. Not because you work for me or anything like that. Would you like that?”

Nuri didn’t need to be asked twice. He hoped onto the bed and kissed Roble deeply. Roble immediately got hard and began removing Nuri’s clothes. Nuri’s body was quite the sight when naked. A lovely shade of light brown, he was lithe, yet masculine and had a high tight ass. Mr. Butterfly was wearing his galabia with nothing under it and was able to get naked very quickly. He joined the two on the bed. Roble reached around and grabbed Nuri’s ass. Nuri moaned with pleasure. Mr. Butterfly could not ignore the stellar view right in front of him of Nuri’s luscious butt cheeks, balls and dick. He quickly began to lick Nuri’s ass crack. Nuri’s moaning increased.

Nuri moved his kissing down Roble’s body to Roble’s treasure trail and Roble froze with anticipation. “Oh please Nuri!” Roble murmured. Nuri looked up at Roble teasingly before he finally moved down to Roble’s cock and began to blow him with all of the talent expected from one who was extremely competent at everything he did. In no time Roble was delivered into another world, that of ecstasy.

Behind Nuri, the young explorer was eating his ass steadily now, pushing his tongue into his assring. But, he really wanted to fuck this beautiful ass. So, he donned a lubed condom, got up on his knees and began to slide his engorged member into Nuri’s tight hole. Nuri paused momentarily while the young explorer’s cock entered him and took a deep breath. Once it was in and he was being fucked he resumed blowing Roble. A rhythm got going between the three of them that was fortuitous for all.

Mr. Butterfly was really getting off on this. He thought to himself how lucky he was to be here with these guys. He was fucking this really hot and tight ass, who was blowing his gorgeous entomologist lover. It was just too hot for words. It felt so damn good. A couple more strokes and he would cum for sure.

“Uh, oh, guys, I’m getting close!”, said Mr. Butterfly.

“Me too! Don’t stop Nuri!!!”, breathlessly murmured Roble.

All three continued steadily for another few moments before the “shooting match” began. Roble came first and Nuri let him shoot all over the place, not because he didn’t want to swallow, but because it would be so hot to see his cum shoot all over. It sure was, because it set off Mr. Butterfly to cum too. He came hard up Nuri’s ass into the condom. Meanwhile, Nuri was jacking himself off furiously. It didn’t take long for him to reach the point of no return too and join in on cumming.

All three were gooey and sticky with sweat and other fluids and in need of a shower, so they headed off to the large bathroom together. All three fit into the European style open shower easily. They washed each other with fragrant soaps and tried not to get too turned on since they wanted to sleep, not have sex again. They dried each other off with soft fluffy towels and then piled into the bed to curl up and go to sleep. They slept like spoons; Mr. Butterfly held Nuri, and Roble held Mr. Butterfly.


peter said...

Hmmm, Dr Fairview... a threesome, that's something we didn't see coming ;o)

Sue said...

Just full of surprises aren't I Peter?

peter said...

Yes, Sue you are!

Sh@ney said...

3 sex hungry, hunky men in a web of eroticism, it just don't get much better than that! I wonder if there is any room for Professor Shaney? How cheesy was that!
But no mention of how Dr Fairview celebrated the evening! Was she watching the orgy?
Keep it coming, it's hotting up in here!

Sue said...

Hmmmm. Just what is Prof. Shaney a prof. of? Threesomology?

Patience for Dr. Fairview's evening will be covered next week...