Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Honduran Hooky - Part 6, Streets of Copan

Later that afternoon, Sean and I went for a walk around Copan souvenir hunting. Most of the shops were owned by Hispanic looking people, rather than the Mayan looking locals. We bought some weavings to use on our dining room table that were similar to this one.

Most of the streets were paved with cobblestones and the curbs were high and made of stone also. No thought was given to pedestrian safety as in most third world countries. Buildings were painted with bright colors. Street vendors sold all kinds of souvenir items, from jewelry to trinkets and most were local Indians.

We came to the Central Plaza of Copan, which was very nice. We also visited there late that night and noted that young people hung out there. It would have been perfect if there was music, but there was not.

Tomorrow, our party was going for a horseback ride into the country!


Sh@ney said...

What an unusual place Sue...and the streets are so narrow (by the looks) I like to cobble stone roads though, it gives off such a nostalgic appearance or is it just me.

Sue said...

Yes, it was quite a quaint little town. There were very few cars since it is a third world country. Quite a lot of places in South America look just like this.