Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Part 12, Egyptian Escapade

I looked at Basim naked on the bed and then back at Ernst by the door. “Are you sure about this Ernst?”

“Absolutely. Come here and let me undress you.”

I walked over to him and he lifted my silk coral shift that I had worn earlier on my visit, off over my head revealing my lace bra and thong panties.

“Now you can come over here.”, said Basim gently.

I must say I was nervous about my first threesome as well as being incredibly turned on. As I walked away, I could hear Ernst opening his belt and unzipping his fly. My breathing got faster as I got on the bed with Basim. He unhooked my bra and removed it and my panties. He was a vision. His skin was marvelously dark and his muscles were so well defined that I just wanted to run my tongue along the grooves. But he surprised me by flipping me over onto my back suddenly and putting his mouth on mine while his strong hands held me down.

I felt like I was being devoured. His warm mouth continued down my body. He took one whole breast into his mouth. No one had ever done that to me before. It felt so good and he sucked hard. He paused and looked up at me. “I love small breasted women, because you can take the whole breast in your mouth. Anything that doesn’t fit in your mouth is wasted.” Then he resumed by taking the other breast entirely in his mouth. Meanwhile his hands were hard at work on my crotch; fingers inserting themselves, preparing me for bigger and better things to come. His mouth continued working its way down to my hypersensitive belly and then to my crotch. He was intent on eating me out.

His mouth was so big and warm and insistent I let him at it. What a tongue he had. I nearly passed out with the pleasure of it. I began to whimper which is very unlike me really. It felt really great, but I have never really been able to get off this way. “Oh god! Basim! When are you going to fuck me? Just fuck me! God just fuck me!” He looked up at me with evil eyes as if he had an advantage over me. Well, and he did.

By now, Ernst was naked and erect, sitting very near us.

Basim said “I’m going to have to be careful, because I am bigger than you are used to and I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Just fuck me damn you!”

Without further ado, Basim slid me down the bed towards him and slid his now condom covered cock into me. The largeness of it was a shock. The head went in okay, but then it got kind of tough. It took some doing to get it two thirds of the way in, and that was all that was going to go in. I put my hand down to stroke what was left outside my body, but Basim didn’t seem to be put off by the fact that not all of him fit inside me. I sure was filled up by his huge dong. It was so hot, that I came immediately. My insides crushed down on him and I cried out in ecstasy and that seemed to really turn him on.

But, we had to include Ernst yet. So, we stopped and I flipped over so that I could blow Ernst while Basim plowed me. I got on all fours and Basim entered me easily, then I took Ernst’s cock in my mouth. Ernst’s eyes closed when I did that and his head lolled back. I think this must have been his first threesome too. He looked pretty turned on. I drooled all over Ernst’s cock and tried to give him some good head while I could concentrate, because I knew that soon I would not be able to. I was right. In no time at all, the huge cock up my twat hit all the right spots and I was cumming again. Basim had to hold my hips to keep me on his cock, my body bucked so much. I cried out onto Ernst’s tool. I have no idea how that felt for Ernst.

“Hey guys, I am getting close.”, said Basim.

“I may need to fuck her after you to cum.”, said Ernst.

So Basim continued to fuck me for a few good strokes until he came up into the rubber and grunted in a satisfied manner. Then Ernst donned a condom and took his place. Basim moved around to the front of me held me up in position so I wouldn’t collapse. I was pretty loose after Basim, so Ernst slid a finger up my ass to add pressure where we both needed it. That just drove me wild and I bucked for him also. Ernst didn’t take long to cum and I managed to orgasm also. Then we all collapsed on the bed, spent.


georg said...

"Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Christ! Don't stop!

Sue said...

Glad that worked for you Georg!

Sh@ney said...

Dr Fairview...A threesome...I'd settle for two pumps & a squirt from just one...and multi-tasking...isn't she just super! *winks* Sounds very very HOT indeed...

Sue said...

Thank you so much Shaney! I was afraid I was losing my touch after Georg's response; I wasn't sure if he was kidding or not. I am never sure how the fantasies are doing until I get some comments. I thought this one was particularly hot, and am glad to see that you agree. ;)

Doug said...

Well, I'm going to have some lovely dreams tonight. Hot, Sue.

georg said...

Sue I was not kidding, I just copied the text of "Afternoon Delight" of the day before. It was sizzling hot!

Sue said...

Thanks Doug and Georg. I apologize for having such a fragile ego. But you know, you put yourself out there when you post your writing on the internet and you really need feedback to know, well I guess you guys know that part. Thanks again! :)