Monday, August 06, 2007

Visit with Mom

Last week I visited my Mother’s house and had a really wonderful time! Her new puppy, Vasco da Gama, was there and what a cutie at 13 weeks old. He was solid excitement running around to discover new things and play, play, play. He is pretty much house broken so long as we take him outside every several hours to tinkle. He got his third puppy shots while I was there and weighed 22 lbs, 11 ounces (10.29 kilograms). He is very soft and lovable. When he rubs past my legs he is like a big angora cat. He gladly accepts adoration from all comers and questions any other response. As you can see from the photo, he is mostly white, with lots of black on his eyes and ears. He also has some small black spots coming in on the skin of his back and belly, but his white puppy fur covers them. Mom says that he is the same color as her soul. I just think that is so funny. So, we’ll have to keep an eye on those black spots on his back and see if they come into his fur or get larger.

Vasco at 13 weeks

I got to see all of my Mom’s teacher friends, Mom is a retired high school English teacher, and their families that I have known all my life and like very much. It was really fun to get together with them again. I also went with her to her book club that was discussing the Shakespeare play Cymbeline, a tragic comedy. I was only able to read the first scene and the Spark Notes. But since it was a later play of Shakespeare’s and somewhat derivative of other notable plays, and I have read so many other Shakespeare works, I was able to follow the discussion quite well. I met some very interesting folks at the group. The discussion was riveting and even bawdy at times.

Princess Imogen from Cymbeline

We got out to see a movie, El Cantante, which I just loved and will write a review of soon. We went out for dim sum, which you can’t get where I live, and it was fabulous. We shopped at an Indian grocery, and Mom cooked cashew chicken which was wonderful. We had onion kulcha with it. All in all I had a wonderful and restful time and I really needed it.

When I got back home, the dogs gave me a reception that would have led one to think that I was gone for a month. I went to take my nap and Laila, my German Shepard Dog, wouldn’t let me out of her sight and stayed in my room with me. She usually doesn’t do that. Sean is really glad I’m back too. Ah, it is nice to be home again!


Sh@ney said...

Pets have great fondness for their master's darling, of course Laila would have missed you! I am glad you enjoyed your time with family, but yes it is always refreshing to get home & back to how one likes it!

SYNRGY said...

Welcome home Sue... I'm glad you had such a nice visit...

Sue said...

Thanks Shaney and Synrgy! It is great to be home!