Sunday, August 05, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

This well muscled champion is ready to fight your battles this week. So as you enter your dreams tonight, think of him ready to enter your daily contests with you and help with celebrations after. He will be available for all you require. And I do mean all.

Dedicated to Doug at Unnatural Devotions

Photo credit: GlovedCopSF


Doug said...

Thanks, Sue! Stefan Havlik is one of my favorites. Love the veins on his quads.

Sue said...

I knew you would recognize him and his thighs. He is yummy! Too bad the photo does not include his great calves.

Sh@ney said...

Geeeeez if his blade didn't do damage the weight of him on top would...My Oh My he could life me with two fingers...& no I am not going to be sitting on them...:P

Sue said...

I dunno... that sounds like fun!