Monday, August 20, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Tonight's gentleman is from So Slowly. Meet Raf. Say "Hi Raf!" Raf is pretty cute. Hot too. Don't you agree?

Raf can box! Go Raf!

Raf can play volleyball! Spike that ball Raf!

Raf loves to play in the ocean. Eek! Don't get me wet Raf!

Raf loves the round ball!

You can dress Raf up for work!

Raf is ready for his bath. I don't think he likes his bath.

Raf is meditating on a tree stump.

Doesn't he look chic in his shades?

Won't you play Frisbee with Raf?

Raf needs someone to love. Won't you make love with Raf?


G Cracker said...

Y'know, it's bizarre, but I like him better when he isn't smiling but is all sultry...
...and naked. Definitely naked too. :D

Jessica said...

Sue, you do know that Francesco and Raff are friends.... right? Dibbs on Raff since you won't share Francesco.

Sue said...

Jessica - They are??? I had no idea! Take Raff. Um, I'm not hot for every guy I post. I just do it for my readers. Not that I would kick him out of bed... But I prefer my guys to be beefier. Though you will have to "discuss" it with G who made a prior claim above.

Jessica said...

G Cracker, I'll wrestle you for him.

Sh@ney said...

He certainly does has adark & sultry look about him...Quite mysterious...But I wont fight Jess & G for him...I've just seen the next one & I am getting in first...:P

SYNRGY said...

He's like a paper doll... Action figure like... He does everything... Love the commentary Sue... :)

goldeneyeuk said...

I like Raf, he is exceedingly cute. Dagerously good looking.
I can understand why you posted him.