Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Part 10, Egyptian Escapade

It was just Basim and I in the common room after all of the action died down.

“Quite a day huh?”, Basim said.

I just laughed. I was kind of at the end of my rope after all we had been through today. I had stowed away in a van, been called a whore by a rapist, rescued my friend again, seen people shot dead, seen my first orgy, seen a friend who had been raped and drugged. Yes, I would say it was quite a day.

I nodded my assent and then I broke into sobs. They were quiet at first, but then they were big and I couldn’t breathe. I was gasping for air like a fish out of water. My eyes welled with tears that wouldn’t spill. Basim came over to me and put his arm around me. “Let it all out Sue. It is okay. It will all be okay now.”

Then the flood gates opened and I cried for real. But Basim was there to hold me and wipe my eyes dry. Then I felt his big soft lips kiss the tears off my face. I really liked how that felt. I pushed my face forward towards his lips to get more kisses. But eventually he had dried my whole face. I opened my eyes and looked into his brown eyes. He placed a finger under my chin and drew my mouth to his. Our lips met and we kissed, one sweet little kiss on the lips. Oh, but I wanted so much more. I stuck out my tongue and traced his huge juicy lips. He opened them to my touch and my tongue entered his mouth. We licked at each other’s tongues and mouths and our breathing began to get harder.

Basim stood up and offered me his hand. I just looked at him and thought about it. I was already sleeping with Ernst. That was really my only hesitation. “Basim, as much as I want to, I cannot. I am Ernst’s guest and we are already seeing each other. I am sorry if I led you on. I’ve just had a really difficult day. I’m so sorry.”

“I thought that might be the case.” He sat back down next to me and held me in his arms. “You are so special and brave. I hope Ernst cherishes you as much as you deserve. Let me just hold you close tonight and we will see what happens when we get back home. Okay?”

“Okay.” I smiled.

So we got up and went to the bedroom together. I undressed down to my camisole and panties and he to his boxer shorts. We got into bed and positioned ourselves like spoons. His body was so big and warm behind me it was like sleeping with a hairless bear. He politely draped one arm over my hip, and managed not to touch anything sexual at all. But he couldn’t hide his enormous erection, the tip of which I felt poking me in my butt all night long. I must say he gallantly demonstrated his restraint.

The next day, Basim awakened early and went out to get breakfast for us all. I got up and decided to check on how the boys were doing. I softly knocked on their door and they bade me enter. Mr. Butterfly was sitting up and Roble was lying down on the bed but his color was looking much better.

After breakfast we drove in the van back to Cairo to Ernst’s house. Roble rode lying down on the bench in the back and the young explorer was with him. When we got there about an hour and a half later Ernst was out on the lawn to greet us. He and Mr. Butterfly helped Roble into the house and to a bedroom that had been prepared as a sick room for him. Roble’s truck, with their luggage, had already been returned by local police from the small Nile town they had visited.

Returning from the house, Ernst took me aside and said “I was so worried about you. How could you stow away in Basim’s van?”

“I told you I wanted to go and rescue Mr. Butterfly! But you said no. So I had to stow away in order to go.”

“Anyone in their right mind would have said no!”

“Look. I don’t want to argue with you Ernst. Done is done and we have a happy ending. I am sorry if I caused you worry.”

“You can be so impossible.”

I just smiled at that. “So does that mean I don’t get a kiss hello?”

He frowned, but leaned forward to kiss me. It was pretty quick and not very passionate. Oh well.

In the afternoon, we (Roble, Mr. Butterfly, Basim, me, Ernst, and Nuri) all gathered to hear Roble tell about his and Mr. Butterfly’s capture and assault. Basim finished the story with the rescue parts. We were still waiting to hear from the police about the ransom money and whether Akbar had any STDs.

Nuri was invaluable as a nurse to Roble. It seems he had prior experience in health care in addition to his many talents. He handled all of Roble’s medications and helped with his frequent baths. This allowed Mr. Butterfly time to catch up on his sleep. Roble did not seem addicted to opium or to have an infection.

Late that night Ernst invited me to his room. “I just wanted to show you how much I missed you.”, he said as he dropped his pants and showed me his glorious boner.

“Well, I guess we’ll have to put that to good use.”

I undressed quickly and so did he. I fell to my knees to give him a blow job that he wouldn’t soon forget. I licked up and down his shaft, but then put each testicle in my mouth and sucked on it while I heard moans above me. I kept my hand on his penis and stroked it while I was licking his balls. Then I switched to blowing him. He got so turned on that he lifted me up and tossed me against the bed facing away from him, so that my knees were still on the floor. He entered my pussy that way. He was less than gentle and I loved it. When we were done and panting, we climbed up on the bed to recover.

“Oh god Sue that was great! I’d really like it if you could stick around for a while after the job and I could get to know you better.”

“Yeah it was great! What? Um. Why?”

“Well, you’re really special. I’ve never met anyone like you and well, someday all that I own could be yours.”


“Wouldn’t you like that?”

“Well, that is very generous and no offense meant Ernst, but I like my life the way it is. I get to travel a lot and do meaningful things that I otherwise could not do. I don’t picture myself tied down yet.”

“You won’t even think about it?”

“Um, no. Not right now. I am so sorry.” I leaned over and kissed him. At least he didn’t turn away.

He seemed to think about that a while and then asked, “Did something happen while you were in Bubasitis?”

“Yes. Basim and I kissed. But I told him I was with you and we couldn’t do anything more because of that.”

“Oh. Let me sleep on all of this new information.” Then he breathed a deep sigh and rolled over to go to sleep.


Sh@ney said...

Dr Fairveiw Tut Tut Tut How could she! LOL ♥OH LA LA♥ Looks like she might get to have that 'chunk of lovin' with Basim after all? I love how Ernst threw her ruthlessly on the bed and pounded her good - thats HOT! As long as it was done in a nice way of course. *winks* Poor Ernst, dissed by the sexy Dr Fairview! Maybe he could submit to the harem, there down a few sex slaves. Oooops!

Sue said...

I just love your interpretation of the story Shaney!!! That's exactly they way I pictured their sex! Thanks for commenting!

Sh@ney said...

No Thanks required..I actually quite enjoy this story! [[hugs]]