Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

All of tonight's gentlemen are brought to you by Caballero. The first is just submissively waiting for you to make your move. There are countless possibilities. What will you do?

The other gentlemen invite you to join their party.

So will it be the first gentleman or the threesome?

Please share your comments. I really enjoy reading them.


peter said...

I go with #1, he looks really inviting on that beanbag. And I have the whole day in front of me because it's morning in Europe.

Christiaan said...

Bean bag man.... Oh my....

No pleasant dreams sleeping at all, in fact... just lots of vigorous sexercise!

What an awesome pic... Thanks Super Sue!

Sue said...

Thanks for commenting Peter and Christiaan. Seems like bean bag man is going to be very busy in the near future!

Thanks for the link Christiaan!

Jessica said...

Well, I'm always up for a threesome, and am thrilled I have these fellows all to myself!!!

Sh@ney said...

Geeez the first guy looks like he's already had himself a good time or two, never mind I'll dive in for sloppy thirds...As for the second guy, he is in a prime position to be hit with a dose of cytotoxic waste!...ewww.... I need to throw up now.