Monday, August 27, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Tonight's gentleman is Joe from So Slowly. I think this photo begs for a bedtime story. So gather round gentle readers and I will tell one. Is every body ready? Yes? Good.

Once upon a time there was an intrepid traveler. What was this traveler's sex, you might ask? I would say that that does not matter a whit. So let's move on. This traveler was in Los Angeles on very important business where they had to work very, very, very hard every day until all hours. They had planned their stay away from home for well over a week. Within a very few days, they missed their friends and were quite lonely.

One day, when they were walking under the Santa Monica Pier, they happened on Joe. He was all friendly and smiling at the traveler even though he was a stranger. He gave a big happy "Hello!" and the traveler said "hi" back. They started to splash each other. The traveler got very wet and wasn't dressed for it. Suddenly, Joe rushed forward and grabbed the traveler and hugged the traveler tight.

"Let's go back to your room and dry 0ff.", he whispered seductively into the traveler's ear.

"Okay.", replied the traveler meekly.

So off they went, hand-in-hand, across the sand towards the traveler's hotel.

And that is the end of the story. Okay, everyone to bed now! Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!


georg said...

Au! That was not a bug but Joe put something up my bum!

SYNRGY said...

Awwww... Sweet Dreams Sue...

Sue said...

LOL Georg.

Glad you liked the story Syn!

absoluterik said...


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Sue said...

Sure Erik. You can link to my blog. Please call it Fair View Sue. Thanks so much! Good luck to you and Ruben!

mr tickle said...

Love, Aron.