Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Fantasy - Part 11, Devil Down Under

“Certainly.”, replied the young explorer figuring that Garry was an educated adult and knew the risks. Besides, he really wanted to see this man’s pubic hair in the worst way. Garry shrugged off the aqua colored robe and it fell to the floor revealing his toned body and his light ashy blond pubic hair. He pulled the curtain aside and stepped into the shower to join the young explorer.

The young explorer had a huge toothy grin on his face and said “Hi. Welcome to my shower cutie. Wanna play?” Garry chuckled in response. And they kissed a little bit playfully. Their hands caressed each other teasingly, leaving space between them. Garry touched the young explorer’s breast and the young explorer touched Garry’s hips. Then they splashed each other. They kissed again. Both of them got erections. The young explorer toyed with Garry’s. Then the young explorer went to his knees and licked Garry’s cock from the base to the tip. Garry had to steady himself against the wall behind him. Then the young explorer took his cock into his mouth and looked up into Garry’s light blue eyes. He proceeded to blow him and fondle his testicles. He let one of his fingers get near Garry’s asshole and he pushed it in. Garry moaned.

After a while, Garry asked if the young explorer was done with his shower and the answer was yes. So, they turned off the shower and headed for the bedroom. Once there and after they had dried off, Garry proceeded to eat the young explorer’s ass. The young explorer really loved to be rimmed and Garry was quite good at it.

Garry’s erection was straight as an arrow. He lay down behind the young explorer and held him tenderly as he kissed his ear lobe. He donned a condom and placed his penis on the young explorer’s anus and gently pushed. In it slid, all the way, painlessly. It felt so good for both of them. Garry lifted the young explorer’s left leg and held it up in the air as he fucked him.

“Oh, yeah, fuck me man. Oh, yeah. Oh!”, said Mr. Butterfly.

“You like that, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, don’t stop!”

So they continued that way until the young explorer decided that he wanted to sit on Garry’s erection. So they switched positions. Each time the young explorer lowered himself down on Garry’s straight as an arrow penis he sighed with pleasure and Garry’s pelvis rose to meet him. The eventually got a rhythm going and there was a slap of their bodies meeting on the down ward thrust. But, Garry wanted to see the young explorer’s face when they came. So he gently pulled him off and entered him from above, missionary style. They gazed into each other’s eyes when they both climaxed together. Then they kissed.

They held each other in bed while the glow was with them. Afterwards they spoke.

“We should let Alex know about Donnie’s arrest.”, said Mr. Butterfly.

“I already did earlier while you were in the shower.”, replied Garry. “He was quite surprised. Astonished really. Glad that you were not injured in the arrest too.”

“I need to notify the Institute of all this too.”

“Zip them off an email and give them a window of when they can call you at my office tonight. That will take care of it.”

“Great, I will do that now.” So he did.

Then it was time to go to the Gosford Police Station. Garry drove as he knew the way and it was on Main Street in downtown Gosford. It was really nice of Garry to take Mr. Butterfly there. They entered the front doors and told the officer there who they were. They were asked to be seated until called. Sometime later, Mr. Butterfly was called and he followed the officer to Detective Sergeant William Tuttle’s desk in the detectives’ section. He was introduced and they went to an interrogation room to talk.

Detective Sergeant William Tuttle

The detective was a massive and imposing man, but not unattractive in the least. Mr. Butterfly wondered how he got shirts to fit his proportions, but knew that somehow these weightlifter types did. He carried an armload of case files already compiled on Donnie. After they got settled, Detective Sergeant Tuttle said “Your full name is Dr….”

“Excuse me Detective Sergeant, but Mr. Butterfly is what I go by now.”, said Mr. Butterfly coyly.

The detective eyed him with some impatience and said “Is this your legally correct name typed here?” He pointed to a place on the form.

“Yes it is.”

“Thank you. How long have you had this ‘Mr. Butterfly’ alias and why?”

“Well, I don’t even remember how long I have used Mr. Butterfly. Perhaps it started when I was but a lad and captured my first Lepidoptera. It could have been as a nickname, but trust me, there was no nefarious reason to it at all.”

“Why do I have a hard time believing that?” After a pause he said “Let’s move on.” He looked through some papers before he continued. “Here is where our case stands. Dr. Donald Aubrey has denied that he poisoned you and pleads innocent. But the evidence that we have is that the three specifically identified snake venoms are indeed in your blood. These same three specifically identified snake venoms are also in your toothpaste. Dr. Aubrey also has in his luggage a library of over 100 snake venoms labeled in his own handwriting that contain the proteins he would need to spike your toothpaste and result in the findings that we have in your blood. His claim is that he needs these for his job. Can you tell me if this is the case?”

“Well, first off I am the wrong person to ask in that I am not a herpetologist. But as a lay person, I would not think so. I cannot imagine a scenario where he would need those poisons for anything.”, said Mr. Butterfly. “However, there is a herpetologist in your waiting room that you could call as an expert witness to that point. His name is Dr. Garry Ludlow.”

“Dr. Ludlow is in our waiting room?”

“Yes. He drove me here today.”

“What luck! I’ll speak with him next. It would help our case tremendously Mr. Butterfly if you could provide me with a motive for his poisoning you.”

“Honestly, I have no idea Detective Sergeant. But I would imagine it could be professional jealously.”

“Where did you get that idea from?”

“Let’s just say it came to me in a dream.”

“Okay, that works for me. Now, let me get some details on what the poisoning caused you to suffer in your own words.”

“Well, let’s see. I had nightly disturbing, awful dreams that caused me to wake suddenly in a cold sweat. I sweat so much that I had to change my linens each night. I suffered sleep deprivation and one day I had to eat something before I could go out.”

“It would really help the case if you could tell me the content of the dreams Mr. Butterfly.”

“I would really rather not Detective Sergeant.”

“They must have been criminal in nature for you not to want to reveal them to me.”

“The nature of my dreams is so upsetting that it will distract the jury from the case and might influence the verdict against Donnie. I would rather not see that happen. So, I refuse to reveal the nature of my dreams to you Detective Sergeant.”

The Detective looked at Mr. Butterfly and thought about that. “You might just be right about that and I’m not sure I trust our prosecutors to make that call. That being the case Mr. Butterfly, we need some more samples of your blood to analyze in our forensics lab to verify the hospital’s findings and then we will have a very strong circumstantial case against Dr. Aubrey. I will have the officer show you out and the tech will draw some more blood from you. It was terrific to meet you.”

With that he, was ushered out, and he passed Garry as Garry was ushered in. More blood was drawn from Mr. Butterfly and he wondered if he would run out.

Later as they were driving back to Garry’s beach house, he asked “Will the poisons in my blood still be detectible this long after being poisoned?”

“Absolutely. They tend to hang around for a long time and protein tests are really very sensitive.”

“Who does the police forensic testing?”

Garry grinned. “We do at the Reptile Park. I might as well have taken the samples myself, but there are rules about control of the samples and I didn’t want to interfere with those. So, our lab will be doing the testing.”


Later that evening Mr. Butterfly and Garry were at Dr. Garry Ludlow’s office to receive Dr. Gutekunde’s call from the Institute. The phone rang right on time and Garry answered it and put it on speaker phone. After the introductions, Donnie’s crime and arrest were discussed at length along with Mr. Butterfly’s poisoning.

“Might I speak with my employee alone?”, requested Dr. Gutekunde.

When they were alone, Dr. Gutekunde exhorted Mr. Butterfly “Upper management is adamant that this program go forward. You are to make solid connections with the director of the venom production program there at the Reptile Park and go on the death adder hunt yourself. Can you do that for me?”

“That should not be a problem Dr. Gutekunde.”, replied Mr. Butterfly grinning to himself. Oh yeah. He had a pretty good connection with Garry already. But doing the death adder hunt kind of gave him the creeps.

“We can hire another herpetologist later. Keep me apprised of the situation there please and take care of yourself Mr. Butterfly.” Then he rang off.

Garry came back into the room. “So, what is the status?”

“The death adder hunt is on! I am going instead of Donnie! Isn’t that just so exciting?”

“I can’t stop quaking it is so exciting!”

“The Institute is continuing its program with me and will hire a new herpetologist later. I’m supposed to get in good with the Director of snake venom production. Do you know who that is?”

“Gee, we’ll have to find out who he is.”

“I wonder what I have to do to get in good with him?”

“Going home with him and going to bed would be a good start.”

They both smiled as they neared each other and kissed.

That night, Mr. Butterfly dreamed that Donnie was there naked but he forced himself awake right away and woke up Garry. “I’m here hon, did you have a dream again?”

“Yes.”, replied Mr. Butterfly.

“I’m not going to let anything happen to you ever again. You are safe with me.” Garry held him tightly in his warm embrace and Mr. Butterfly drifted back to sleep.

Photo credit Detective Sergeant William Tuttle: Brawny Stud (link in sidebar)


thonnibg said...

Sergeant Tuttle`s other name is Apollo Phoenix:)

Sue said...

I know. I blocked it out of the photo as you can see.

peter said...

Do I see another one-eyed snake in the future?

Sh@ney said...

Was it just me or did anyone else get a little errrm excited reading this

That was darn HOT Miss Sue! Darn HOT! Though I must say Dr B is starting to sound like a down right tramp giggles....

Looking forward to the death adder hunt and climbing into bed with the director...*winks*

Doug said...

I think we need a deeper inspection of Detective Sergeant Tuttle. Yum.