Thursday, April 10, 2008

Foggy Landscape

I continued to search for photographs that moved me to draw and found this one in a National Geographic Magazine. It looked like it would be lots of fun because of all of the colorful wild flowers and so I had at it with my Pentel color pens. I don't know if I am happy with the result compared to my other works or not. Click to enlarge.

The pinks of the flowers have faded a bit and did not come out quite right in the photograph. I had lots of fun drawing the umbels in the Queen Ann's Lace and trying to put them in three dimensions. I feared hours of work filling in the foreground, but then thought it looked fine without it.


Anonymous said...


Im sorry to hear you dont paint as
your confidence has not returned.

I hope that one day you will pick up that brush again and begin to work at your talent. I always think we are our worst critics.


thonnibg said...

I even have the feeling as if it`s snowing.
You must be happy with the result!

Doug said...

Excellent work Sue! You really should start drawing and painting again. You might not be able to do the same kind of work because of your disability, but I'm sure you'd be able to find a style you can work with. You might try, if you haven't already, taking a look at Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way, which is invaluable for opening up artistic confidence. It changed my life, helped me pick up art again after twenty years of ignoring it.

Sue said...

Thanks for the book recommendation Doug. I will take a look at it! :)

Sh@ney said...

It's missing something hon, the artists signature. You are certainly an artist! It is very pretty!

Sue said...

Actually Shaney, the work has a beautiful signature in the weeds but it is below the matting. I thought it would look stupid to sign it twice.