Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This is the very first water color painting that I ever did, while the rest of my high school class was painting apples. I can still see my teacher looking at it with his hand on his beard and saying "Sue, you've outdone yourself. But the task was to use the water color as a wash not as you have. So you will have to do another painting." So I painted lilacs.

What this technique is called is dry brush because the colors are applied and then the next is applied after the first dries. I love this technique because it appeals to the obsessive side of me. The wash is nice too, but far more unpredictable.

While others needed a model to go by, this came straight from my head and is titled Fuschia.

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thonnibg said...

Wow,beautiful!And I like the wooden frame.

Doug said...

Love the colors, and the curves of the composition. Lovely work, Sue.

Yvespaul said...

What Doug said. Very pretty, Sue.

Sh@ney said...

Awe makes me wanna go to the garden centre and find buy one...It is beautiful!