Thursday, April 10, 2008

Daniel Marvin & Pedro Andreas Free Agents

Earlier, Daniel Marvin & Pedro Andreas released this statement on their blog:

Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas want to announce you that our exclusivity contract with “Kristen Bjorn Productions” has finished and nowadays we are considering a few proposals to work in a few international companies. Our contract ended this january and we decided to take a break to relax a little and have time for ourselves but now we are open to any proposal or suggestions for any gay porn companies that want us to work with them.

And this is my question to all of you: Which gay porn studio would you like to watch us working with? Surprise us...


Sh@ney said...

Awee yes indeedy darling...I'd love to take em up if I had a studio, but my bedroom is a little small to work out of...Do-able of course...*winks*

Anonymous said...

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