Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Egyptian Sisters

From the lowly scarab beetle to the majestic pyramids, I have always been fascinated by ancient Egypt. I have read the stories, been swept away by the culture, art, archeology, architecture, all of it, I have read the histories, mysteries, I may as well by embalmed I am so steeped and imbued with a love for all things Egyptian. I just recently finished reading Colleen McCullough's Anthony and Cleopatra which I loved. Of course it goes without saying that Egyptian art has influenced my art.

I wanted to make a tribute to my twin sister for her birthday, so I drew this pen and ink drawing of Egyptian sisters. Click to enlarge. She did a scan of it, so it is wider than you see here, so you don't see the drawn border goes all the way around the picture and she had it beautifully matted and framed.


thonnibg said...

And such a beautiful and moving Birthday present for your sister.I`m sure she was deeply touched!

Sue said...

Oh I know! What is not to love about me???? I mean I ask you????

thonnibg said...

Nothing!!!If you ask me:)
I`ve already told you,you are a sweetheart,Sue!Great person:in-and outside.

Anonymous said...

A very nice birthday present.

To me your giftis in interpreting things with not alot of clutter.
Does that make sense Sue. What you are trying to convey just jumps out of the picture.

Everyone interpret arts differently but to me this shows the love for your sister.


Sh@ney said...

Now you have my attention darling 100%. I am a huge fan of ancient egypt. It is kinda funny Nate & I were only discussing travel overseas tonight and the one place we both would love to venture is Egypt!
I love it Sue, really love it. And what a wonderful gesture for a gift!

Doug said...

Lovely, Sue. I adore ancient Egypt as well. The hieroglyphs have always fascinated me.