Sunday, November 11, 2007

Two More Oliver Frey Works Surface

Thanks to Pete of Roids and Rants for allowing me to post both of these Oliver Frey master works that recently surfaced. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

All I can say about them is wow! The first looks like some kind of charcoal or wash, but my goodness the mastery of it! True perfection with the media! Then we can talk about the images themselves! How hot are they? Way hot! I love that the muscular twink is only partially tumescent. We all know that eventually he will give in and have the time of his life. All Frey twinks do.

The second work is more cartoonish, but no less a work of art. It certainly portrays ancient Rome as we would like it to be! (Click images to enlarge.)

Special thanks to Jessica, without whom I could not have posted these without editing. Thanks Jessica!


thonnibg said...

The pics are fabulous!I love the second one.I would like to be in Ancient Rome too!
And yes,thank you,Jess!
Now,Sue,you have to promise,no editing anymore!

Sue said...

I am overjoyed about the no editing thing Toni! hehehehehehe!